This is the story of real Gambian people. Geertje Schutte, chairman of the 4Gambia Foundation, shows us around in The Gambia. We meet with Zainab and Rotty, two women who are both beautiful & strong! We may witness the positive impact of ResiRest on their lives.

Zainab: proud and grateful

Serekunda is the hometown of Zainab. She’s 32 years old and lives with her family. Besides cooking, Zainab loves to meet people. This combination makes she’s perfect to give travellers an unforgettable time at her house serving delicious, homemade meals. Zainab joins ResiRest for over a year now.

She received some guests already. So, she did get to know some people. And at the same time, she contributed to the family income. Of course, to Zainab and her family, this income is very welcome. Moreover, earning an income by herself gives her confidence. For example, she’s more confident about her cooking skills now. As a result, some time ago Zainab starts to think about using this skills…

And, look what happens a few weeks later! Zainab finds a job! She tells us: “During the season, I can work a few hours a week at a restaurant. At this restaurant, I prepare the local dishes.” And, about ResiRest she states: “I am proud and grateful to be part of ResiRest.”

On the other side, we are proud and grateful too, since we have such a strong and lovely lady on board. A true gem at team ResiRest. Of course, you can still meet up with her by ResiRest. Because besides her restaurant job, Zainab still cooks at her house for her family every day. And, she wants you to know: you are very welcome to join anytime!

Rotty showing the impact of ResiRest

After meeting Zainab, Geertje takes us to see another Gambian woman. Rotty is also a perfect example of the impact of ResiRest. Once again, a meeting that inspires.

“In every part of your life, you need progression. ResiRest helps me to develop myself. Getting to know more people, learning about other cultures.” Rotty took the chance to join ResiRest, and obviously, she loves it!

It’s an inspiration to see how open Rotty is towards other people. Of course, the extra income by ResiRest is pleasant. “The money I earn is quite nice to add to the budget.” She noticed the travellers she met were enthusiastic about meeting her, and about tasting real local food. That’s why she expects that ResiRest in The Gambia can become “something big”. And, when she get’s more guests in her house in Brusubi: “Then I would be able to save some money, really, that would be great.”

Supporting the Gambian people together

4Gambia and ResiRest support the locals of The Gambia together. With the knowledge of 4Gambia about the country, culture, and people, ResiRest facilitates about 30 families now. By joining ResiRest, they can provide travellers with a unique, cultural experience. And so, the locals get their fair share of the Gambian tourist industry. The smiling coast of Africa is the perfect way to describe The Gambia. Happy, hospitable people like Zainab and Rotty, always with a big smile. A country that welcomes travellers with joy. Yet, behind the smile, often there’s a head full of worries. For Gambian people, access to for instance healthcare and education is not simple. In addition, many of them are unemployed. People are poor, and struggle to get a better life.

Want to support Gambian people too?

If you are about to travel The Gambia, it’s easy to support a local family. Book a meal through one of our travel partners. You directly support your host family while you have a great time together. Simple, safe, and fun!

Otherwise, check the website of 4Gambia to see more of their projects in The Gambia. You will find many different projects, yet all of them empowering the Gambian people in a positive way.