In The Media

  • ResiRest in ANVR magazine pages 14-15-16 (NL)

    December, 2018; ResiRest: travelers have a dinner with locals (Dutch)

  • ResiRest in Rabobank Arnhem en Omstreken pages 18-19-20 (NL)

    December, 2018; ResiRest; a pure travel experience with social impact (Dutch)

  • ResiRest experience in Fez (NL)

    October 27, 2018; Yvonne van der Laan writes about sharing a meal with Sahar at Fez Morocco (Dutch)

  • Sustainable travel (NL)

    October 9, 2018; Daisy Scholten mentions ResiRest in her article about sustainable travel (Dutch)

  • Available on the Better Places website

    June 11, 2018; Better Places, the travel organization with a social and sustainable mission. They are specialized in tailor-made individual trips and will bring you in direct contact with travel experts around the world. On the website of Better Places they collect the best travel apps and ResiRest is also there.

  • ResiRest on BNR Newsradio (NL)

    March 20, 2018-  BNR Nieuwsradio: Listen now to the radio fragment about ResiRest. The owner of ResiRest got the opportunity to introduce ResiRest to the Startup Panel. A unique experience with some tough questions, but above all, a special way to share where we stand for and why people need ResiRest.

  • Eating at the locals in Gambia (ENG)

    March 2, 2018-  Safe and Healthy Travel: How better do you experience local life than by making an evening meal together and consuming it? I did that through ResiRest and I had a really great experience! Just look how it work!

  • Resirest-blog-icon

    Typical dishes from Ecuador (NL)

    Febuary 22, 2018-  Hip On Trip: five typical dishes from Ecuador. They tell you more about the South-american kitchen.

  • Resirest-blog-icon

    Resiwat?Resirest (NL)

    Febuary 9, 2018 – Guatemama: Resiwat?Resirest. An blog about how Resirest wants to give the traveler the best possible taste, literally, of the culture of a country. So the travelers can eat at the people’s home.

  • Resirest-interview-icon

    How ResiRest combines commercialism with a positive social impact

    February 8, 2018 – Emerce Startups: How ResiRest combines commercialism with a positive social impact. An interview with Geert Kroos the fouder of ResiRest.

  • Resirest-blog-icon

    5 x Medellin (NL)

    Febuary 8, 2018 – Food & Spots: 5 x Medellin, At the table with locals thanks to ResiRest. Sophie and Kirsten From Foods & Spots about their experiences with ResiRest

  • Resirest-interview-icon

    Eat local think global

    January 28, 2018-  Business Socialista: Find out about social entrepreneurs that reshape the world. Business Socialista  tells in his podcast how ResiRest connecting local families and tourists through food.

  • Resirest-blog-icon

    Meet the Local | 8 X in contact with locals on travel (NL)

    January 21 , 2018 – Omni Travel: Meet the Local | 8 X in contact with locals on travel. Omni Travel tells about ways to get in touch with locals.

  • Winners best travel idea 2018, Vakantiebeurs

    January 14, 2018 – Emerce: Visitors Vakantiebeurs call ResiRest the best travel idea. Powered by Emerce, ANVR and Vakantiebeurs 2018.

  • Resirest-blog-icon

    Lunch with the locals (NL)

    November 20 , 2017 – Hip On Trip: Lunch with the locals. Through the organization ResiRest Hip On Trip were allowed to eat with locals in Medellin. And what a special experience that was!

  • Resirest-blog-icon

    WOW! Another side of MEDELLIN! (NL)

    November 9 , 2017 – Sanshine Travel: WOW! Another side of MEDELLIN! Nick and Sanne from Sanshine Travel tells about their experiences with ResiRest in Medellin.

  • Resirest-blog-icon

    The 8 most useful apps for world travel (NL)

    November 8 , 2017 – mijnreisparadijs: The 8 most useful apps for world. They tell about the 8 most useful applications for travellers worldwide.

  • Resirest-blog-icon

    Hotspot | ResiRest | Sal | Cape Verde (NL)

    September 18 , 2017 – Monique Magazine: Hotspot | ResiRest | Sal | Cape Verde. Monique tells about the hotspots of Cape Verde and her experience with ResiRest

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