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Cambodia, Phnom Penh

”Yesterday we were picked by Lee to join him and his family for diner in their house just outside phnom penh. We were the first guests to visit his house but we got a warm welcome from the family. The diner was one of their every day meals and was made by Lee’s mother, it was delicious! At first the family was a bit shy, but after a few minutes they wanted to know more about us and we had a nice chat (ofcourse with translations of Lee). It was a realy cool experience to get a look in the daily life of Lee and his family, especially thanks to Lee who took care of the transport, translations and all the questions we had about the history and present of Cambodia.”

— Bjorn Loenis

Morocco, Marrakech

”We had a great time in Marrakech, Morocco with our host! We met in the main square and Ezzati walked us back to her house. We had a wonderful meal and great conversation. Afterwards, Ezzati even found us a place to buy a traditional teapot at a very reasonable price (a hard thing to do in Marrakech!). Overall, it was one of the best meals we had in Morocco and we had an amazing time!”

— Trevor Pell

Sri Lanka, Bandarawela

”We ate this week at a local Sri Lankan family in Bandarawela! It was very special also for them! We were the first people to visit this family. We had a host called Yaathav. (Perfect) He was the bridge between 2 cultures and he was our interpreter because the family didn’t speak English. It was an experience we will never forget! The hospitallity, the dinner and the friendly family.”

— Anouk Olde Monnikhof

Indonesia, Bali

Great hospitality from the local family � amazing food and excellent location (in the middle of the ricefields) We manage to have some new flavors what I have ever tried before, even I am quiet familiar with indonesian / balinese food.

— Anni Purho

Cape Verde, Santa Maria

”I contacted Resirest because I was travelling alone to Santa Maria for having kitesurf lessons. I prefer to eat local food and I am interested in local living. Resirest gave me 3 different choices for a dinner together with locals. I chose the activity of snorkeling together with a harpoon fisherman and eating the fresh fish at a bbq on the beach toghether with other people who also did the snorkeling. I even could invite a friend for the bbq. The fish was delicious and we had a very pleasant evening sitting on the beach, eating and talking. I would recommend this experience to everyone!”

— Vera van den Broeck

Colombia, Medellin

Wow! This was such a great experience. We stayed in Medellin and we eat at a local family. We had such a warm welcome and the food was fresh and great. We talked about so many things and we were really interested in eachother. They cooked vegetarian with their own vegetables. We stayed for more then 3 ours en we were really happy when we left. Really recommend other people to try this!! Certainly not our last time we do resirest!

— Sanne Heemskerk, sanshine-travel.com

Sri Lanka, Kandy

We hadden een schitterende ervaring met resirest. Heerlijk eten en super gastvrije familie. Dikke aanrader!! Bedankt

— Ellen Rabaey

Laos, Don Som Island

”Last week we enjoyed a lunch with a Lao family on Don Som Island, and it was great! The people were very nice, we could taste some Lao snacks and we learned about the food habits of the Lao people. The traditional food itself was also very good, we enjoyed the lunch so we definitely recommend this experience!”

— Didi Jansen

Colombia, Medelin

A very special way to meet locals and to try local food! We were invited at Lenis’ place in Medelliín, Colombia. She prepared a fresh, vegetarian dinner for us. Lenis and her husband are such a welcoming, friendly couple and we had a great evening. We could definitely recommend to use ResiRest while traveling; it is a unique experience. The only hard thing might be the language barrier and it might feel a bit strange to be invited into a “stranger’s” house; but either way, we highly recommend it  !

— Kirsten Sistermans

Laos Don Som Island

Hele leuke en lekkere local experience gehad op Don Som Island, Zuid Laos. Samen met het Laotiaanse gezin hebben we genoten van diverse typische gerechten en een kijkje mogen nemen in de keuken en de leefomgeving van het gezin. Zeker weten een aanrader voor iedereen die zich bevindt in de omgeving van de 4.000 Islands.

— Ilona Kersten

Cape Verde, Santa Maria

”Avec deux couples d’amis, nous avons mangé une cachupa samedi dernier. Tout simplement, excellente (et je m’y connais en cachupas) Première expérience réussie et nous allons goûter aux autres spécialités locales cuisinées par une authentique CapVerdienne ! ”

— Odile Loubet

Camobodia, Phnom Penh

”We eat with a local family in phnom Penh. The food was delicious and the family were very nice!!!”

— Natasja Brand


I had a combination of a homestay with breakfast and dinner in Bolivia. It was a great experience. I tried different Bolivian dishes and I even cooked together with the family, so I now also can make the dish myself. I really enjoyed our conversations. It also made clear I still have a lot of Spanish to learn. I joined them to the local mark, which was great. The bed was also perfect (I’ve had different in Bolivia). I loved this experience provided by ResiRest.

—  Claudia Bolleurs

Colombia, Medelin

”It is a great experience to met locals on this way and eat with them. I got a dinner by Lenis in Medellin. It was amazing. The drinks and all the foods were prepared fresh. We got an vegetarian meal, a soup and a dessert. But also a lot of local “snacks”, it was delicious! I could be recommend! Thank you for this great experience.”

— Kim Gef

Indonesia, Bali

Great hospitality from the local family � amazing food and excellent location (in the middle of the ricefields) We manage to have some new flavors what I have ever tried before, even I am quiet familiar with indonesian / balinese food. �������

— Anni Purho

Cambodja, Siem Raep

Super toffe organisatie die ons geweldig heeft geholpen op afstand om een kerstdiner te regelen bij een local in Cambodia!

— Juliet Lucas