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ResiRest is a social enterprise

We are focused on making impact for local families in second – or third world countries.
Our eventual profit is shared between our non-profit partners.

Underneath you can find the explanation about our objectives, how we monitor these and what our prospects are.

  • SDG 1: No poverty: Access to labour
  • SDG 2: Zero Hunger: Easy access to sustainable income. We do not ask requirements, but we build bridges.
  • SDG 3: Good health and well-being: No poverty and hunger brings improvements of well-being; empowering power giving them a mental impulse.
  • SDG 5: Gender Equality: Woman-empowerment – Single mothers are encouraged and guided by Resirest and our partners.
  • SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation: Part of our partnerships and guidance.
  • SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth: Is what we offer our participating families. They do not work for us, we work for them. We provide them access to fair-trade tourism with fair rewards. Payments of so called ‘no-shows’ cancellations are 100 % guarenteed to our families.
  • SDG 10: Reduced inequalities: Man and woman get the same rewards for the same activities and have the same rights.
  • SDG 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions: Giving each other access to different cultures, foster mutual understanding for other people in other countries and other circumstances. Peace needs understanding, understanding starts with knowing each other. We call it “Creating a connection” and we regularly get confirmations of local families and travellers who met each other and found this deep respect for each other.”
  • SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals: A core-value for Resirest. We work for local families in the second-and third world countries. We search for partnerships with travel and non-profit organisations there, where we unite in our mission and vision.

Mission & Vision

In our articles of association, which you can download here (Dutch) says in Article 3 section 1 the following:

The organisation has as social mission: to increase the life circumstances of local families and communities by generating food related local experiences for travellers which these local families- and communities can provide.
The organisation provides management and communication for both the local families, communities, travellers and travel organisations.

With this aims the partnership by means of her business activities a significant influence on the well being of the local families and communities.

Section 2 of the same article clarifies the goals more specifically.

The aforementioned partnership has the mission:

a. to increase life circumstances of local families and communities by generating food related local experiences for travellers where these local families- and communities can provide.

b. To build, (continue to) develop and maintain applications and platforms to facilitate the demand for meals in general and the meals prepared by local families in particular.

c. The collaboration with and the entering into agreements with people and organisations who are useful and helping towards achieving the social mission: and all that what is in relation with aforementioned or could be conducive to this.

Our website explained our mission and vision as follows:


Our mission is to give an impulse to fair tourism by connecting local families and travellers through food on a fairtrade and user-friendly booking- and payments platform, where NGO’s are our key-partners, and travellers & local families are our key-clients.


Our vision is that tourism will change from ‘far-tourism’ into ‘fair-tourism’ and from ‘selfie-tourism’ into an intercultural experience with local families. ResiRest uses food as a transaction-based key to authentic and honest connections with other people worldwide.

The thoughts behind these statements are as follows:

People have unique talents and qualities worldwide; some just never get the chance to develop or apply these talents and qualities.
Everyone has the same rights to develop and apply talents and qualities.
Local families are not pathetic, they are strong. Imagine living in their situation, how would you do it?
Nutrition- having dinner together bonds in every culture worldwide. Feel welcome in other cultures and experience them from the inside.

Theory of change

Which changes do we achieve at ResiRest, and on which assumptions are these based? 
To explain this, we used to so-called Logic model as the simplified version of Theory of Change model, which deserves permanent attention and requires constant tightening.

Measuring social impact

We build our social impact model and its monitor instruments based on Research conducted by two Avance students named: Geertje Tonnaer and Petra Wijen. 
During the research, conducted in 2018, a few start-up problems are discovered. 
It turned out to be necessary to image and more detailed overview of the before- situation and logical assumptions also needed to be tested. This is a general objective for the year 2019, a clearer and more detailed image of the pre-circumstances and more testing on assumptions.
The monitor instruments we use for our social impact are as follows:

Annually we have the following quantitative and qualitative objectives:

  • Starting from the demand for genuine local experiences at the dining table by developing partner- travel organisations of partnerships with local non-profits.
  • Reach out to local families for who we can make a difference with these NGO’s.
  • Preparing and guiding these families.
  • Activate these families.

Because the impact is best secured by working demand orientated, we can secure a minimum amount of bookings of 1 and maximum of 2 per week for each participating local family , for which ResiRest takes care of the entire booking process, the communication and the direct money transfers to each local family.

In our starting year 2017, we processed 226 bookings from the first of august. In 2018 this amount increased to 1129 bookings and for 2019 7200 are planned (read: connections!) or have already happened.


ResiRest works together with the following types of stakeholders to make the meetings between local families and travellers happen:

  • NGO/Non-profit partners (and local families)
  • Strategic partners
  • Travel partners (and travellers)

To guarantee each interest, a representative of each stakeholder category has a seat on the supervisory board. (RvA)

The RvA meets circa three times a year and discusses the translation and actions toward ResiRest’s Mission and Vision. The RvA has the right to stand up for the rights of the stakeholders and has statutory competence for this. Therefore, the RvA is not only advisory but as well guiding and determining. (Click here for the statutes). (Dutch)

Explanation NGO partners:
When making a social impact, what’s important is reaching the right local families. Our NGO partners give input on country information and have the network to reach the right families. We call it “our reach”
Furthermore, they help build a local organization structure so that with the use of local coordinators work is done locally as much as possible.

We work with the NGO’s/non-profits intensively. The level of consultation depends on each partner/country/project. Besides, ResiRest has joined Partin, where we meet with many small non-profits at least once a year. The flow of information goes via social media (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn)

Explanation Strategic partners
Besides the NGO’s, we work together with multiple parties to support the local families directly and indirectly. These are partnerships concerning PR as well as sustainable and or fair tourism focussed partnerships. Logically and strategically our financial health is important too to assure our long-term opportunities for making the impact we aim for.

Consultation with our strategic partners is done based on needs and wants, the flow of information happens via Social media (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn)

Explanation Travel partners
The Travel partners are an indispensable key for assuring a sufficient income to our local families in a structural manner. They provide travellers who have an interest in genuine experiences with local families.

We consult with every travel partner, besides we are involved with the VvKR, where we meet, at least once a year, with several many small travel organizations. The flow of information happens via Social Media.

The fourth and fifth Stakeholders:
Besides our partners, two ultimate and very important stakeholders must be named. 
We mentioned them before in the NGO and Travel partner section as that these partners mainly find these stakeholders, namely

  • The local families
  • The travellers

Explanation The local families
Most of the local families are found by the NGO partners of ResiRest. They receive most information from ResiRest via the NGO‘s and our local coordinators.
 Besides that, there are “incidental“ local families joining ResiRest (found by ourselves or travellers). These families are informed by us personally and are then connected to our NGO partner or local coordinator ensuring the structural flow of information.

Explanation of travellers booking via our website
A small number of travellers are not provided by travel organizations and books the experiences particularly. These consumers are communicating with ResiRest via e-mail or Whatsapp. General information about ResiRest can be found via the Website, the ResiRest App, and Social media.

Income ratios of ResiRest

The Supervisory board decides upon the rewards and further working conditions of each manager and employee. These rewards could be both a fixed amount and/or a variable amount depending on the amount of profit or others, all depending on the Supervisory board, and decisions as far as it is suitable within the objective, mission, and vision of the partnership. When determining the reward for the managers and employees, the supervisory board takes all usual norms suitable for social business into account.

The current difference between the highest and lowest amount of income within ResiRest is 30%

Financial Statements 2017

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Financial Statements 2018

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Financial Statements 2019

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Financial Statements 2020

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Financial Statements 2021

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Statement of the shareholder of ResiRest regarding “Impact First”

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Covid-19 impact statement

Covid-19 impact statement