IND – Bali


Bali is a province of Indonesia. The island of 5780 km2 is situated near the equator. The capital is Denpasar and other large cities are former capital Singaraja and Padang. It is known as the island of the 1000 temples.

Culture in Bali

The Hindu religion is expressed by building many temples. Like the ancient Gunung Kawi temples, built in the mountain walls. The Pura Besakih temple is the largest of Bali. It is built on a volcano. Hence at the top of the stairs, you get a stunning view of the large complex and its surroundings!

Not only large temples are interesting. You might also like al the small temples you find in every village and the places of sacrifice in houses, hotels, and shops. The famous Balinese dance is often inspired by Hindu epics. You can see it during one of many performing art festivals.

Food in Bali

Making Satay Ayam at Bali, Indonesia
Some of our guests eating satay with the locals in Bali

You know you’re at Bali when you smell the sate babi on the grill, sense the fine taste of lemongrass on your tongue and your food is served in banana leave wrappings.

The dominant Hindu culture influences the Balinese cuisine. These Hindu culinary traditions are distinct from the rest of Indonesia. Hindus do not consume beef. So expect other meat like pork and chicken. Food is not only prepared for human consumption. The Hindu also offer food to their gods “deities”. You can see it when you visit a temple or religious festival.

ResiRest at Bali

If you want to make a combination of food and meeting local people, try ResiRest. Because this way you eat the best local food together with the most hospitable and friendly local families. You are very welcome!