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E ahi galera! If it is warmth you’re looking for in your next travel, Brazil is definitely the place to go! Because only a few other countries will make you feel as welcome as Brazilians do. Besides, an adventure is guaranteed on every corner of the street!
Whether you wish to enjoy the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo’s cultural life, or incredible hikes in Chapada Diamantina, ResiRest will accompany you discovering what each region can offer!

Culture of Brazil

First of all, if you enjoy adventuring outdoors, you should visit the Amazon region in the northern part of the country. This region will show you the extent of the cultural mixture resulting in a kaleidoscope of flavors, colors, scents, and rhythms that will surely capture your heart. Also, make sure you explore Bahia and Mato Grosso. Since both offer you breathtaking landscapes.

But don’t you worry if you’re more of a city dog! Because one of the best things about Brazil is that it fits every taste and everyone! Watch the sunset in the Mureta da Urca (Rio de Janeiro), whilst listening to jazz, samba, and Bossanova. Besides, you can take a walk in Villa Madalena (São Paulo) and take a look at Brazilian bohemian life and its street artists. Furthermore, you can admire the great constructions of Oscar Niemeyer Brazil’s most renowned architect. He is responsible for a great part of Brazil’s capital city Brasilia. Namely a place so modern, you will have a hard time believing it was built (and still is) in the middle of the jungle!

Not only the tropical weather is Brazil’s best quality, but also is its people. Warm of heart and joyful as its summer days, Brazilians have a way of making you feel at home. Family and friends are the number one priority. The weekends include sharing a good time and long weekend lunches together. For Brazilians “I love you” is said by giving food to another. To see for yourself if this is true, spend a weekend amongst them. Amazing food, drinks and surely some soccer are bound to be on the menu!

Food in Brazil

Anyone who has experienced Brazilian carnival could say that only a few things are sacred to Brazilians, and yet no one can deny lunch is definitely one of them! Generally, a typical Brazilian menu consists of rice, fish or meat, feijão (beans), farofa (yucca flour) vegetables and fruit. However, the specific ingredients are based on the region. For example, close to the Amazon there’s much availability of fish while in other parts of Brazil, you can enjoy typical South American meat, like steaks. Furthermore, some regions will surprise you by numbing your senses. For instance, make sure you try Jambú which numbs your tongue for a couple of minutes!

ResiRest in Brazil

Local cook in brazil
Our local cook Tia, in Brazil

Come experience all Brazil’s wonders in a way only locals can show you! Share a meal in São Paulo’s and Rio de Janeiro’s “favelas” and enjoy the mesmerizing views and unique experiences they have to offer. Or join “paulistas” and “cariocas” at a Sunday Churrasco (Brazilian barbecue gathering), where you’ll be tasting the best caipirinhas around!

In addition, to provide you a safe and reliable network of home cooks, we work together with various local organizations. Together we help travelers to get the best meetings with locals. And, we make sure the local families are supported by this sustainable tourism. 

Now, you can book homedining in Brazil using our free ResiRest app. If you have any questions or are simply curious, you can contact our local agents. They are eager to tell you about dining in Brazil. Together with them, spread the ResiRest message all over this beautiful country. Até logo!