Cape Verde


Over 350 days of sunshine, a stunning scenery, and amazing beaches. Therefore, Cabo Verde is every travelers’ paradise. Whether you’re into adventurous water sports or just looking for a relaxed holiday destination, Cape Verde offers you all of that and more!

Sal and Boa Vista are the largest islands of the archipel. If beach life suits you, this could be your islands of choice. Nevertheless the smaller ones are worth a visit as well. For instance, travel to the tropical green islands Fogo and Santiago. In total, there are twelve unique islands. The capital and largest city of Cape Verde is Praia on Santiago.

Culture in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is known for its versatile culture. Here, locals have their own stressless, open minded, hospitable and laid back way of life. This is known as Morabeza. For example, the Cape Verdean music of Funana and Morna suit the Morabeza perfectly.

Food in Cape Verde

Of course, Cape Verde has its own culinary delights. Most of them are similar to the Portuguese. Yet there are also some truly authentic dishes. Cachupa for example, the local dish made of corn, different kinds of beans, fish, meat, and vegetables. Pastel com Diablo Dentro is a mixture of tuna, onion, and tomato wrapped in a fried patty. This is also typically Cape Verdean. Or Coldo de Peixe, a spicy steamed fish, and vegetables. This tastes great too!

Crysmely, one of our local cooks from Cape Verde

ResiRest in Cape Verde

Are you ready for some dining Cabo Verde style? Fancy a cachupa at the dining table of Crysmely, for example. Or, do you rather like a beach barbeque with locals (after catching your own fish, of course). Also, this is possible! Take the chance to explore your options across the islands in our free mobile app. 

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By joining ResiRest, Cape Verdean locals can earn their fair share of tourism. We work together with ”Sparkling Treasure”, “Support the locals” and “Naar Kaapverdische Eilanden”. Our local agent Else selects the most hospitable families. Altogether, we offer travelers the true, authentic and honest experience they are looking for. See you soon!