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The Famous Street Art in Bogotá
The Famous Street Art in Bogotá. Photo credits – @gaby_mejia95

Did you know that the Sierra Nevada, in Santa Marta is the highest snowed mountain near the sea? And Bogotá is the 2nd most visited city by graffiti lovers in the world? And that the river Caño Cristales in Sierra de la Macarena was named as the most beautiful river in the world? In addition, did you know that Colombia has one of the most diverse ecosystems in the whole world? Because of incredible riches, it gave birth to the El Dorado legend. These facts give you enough reason to come and see it for yourself! Let us guide you on your journey!

Culture in Colombia

Situated between two oceans and crossed by three mountain chains. Colombia is an incredibly diverse country. Each regains, department and city claim their own identity. Colombians are not just Colombians, they are Paisas, Caleños, Costeños, Rolos, etc. Each sub-identity comes with different traditions and accents, customs, rhythms, and food. However, if one thing can be said about them all: they welcome you with incredible warmth and with love. Both its geography and its political history make it a place where everyone wants to make you feel at home. For many years, Colombians are amongst the happiest people in the world.

Medellín is a vivid city which is named as the city of eternal spring. Feria de las Flores is a major event here which takes place in August. These flower parades are very nice to watch. If you have other interests like poetry or tango, Medellín also suits you. The poetry and tango festivals are also on the calendar. Party on!

Food in Colombia

Dinner Made by Our Local Cook in Medellín
Dinner Made by Our Local Cook in Medellín. Photo credits –

Like Colombia has many sub-identities, the food varies regionally. Also, the availability of food due to the specific flora and fauna is pretty diverse. Consider eating local dishes like the delicious seafood, potato and corn soup “Ajiaco” and the lovely sweet desserts.

Do you like veggies? You come to the right place. Since the best veggie menus are cooked here. What do you think of a major fruit salad? Or a veggie ‘spaguetti’ or ‘hamburguesa’? All made of fresh organic fruit and vegetables of course.

One thing is for sure, all Colombians love fruit juices! Join them drinking pure juice or a cocktail, and be surprised of the tropical taste of it! For example, try local fruit like lulo, guava, and mango. So fresh and tasty!

ResiRest in Colombia

In cooperation with our partners like Lili a La Carta, we aim for fair tourism in Colombia. We currently organise homedining in Medellín, Bogota, and Cartagena. You can support a local family by joining ResiRest! Have a great time and directly support the local family which benefits from your visitation. It is easy, safe and fun!

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Eat with locals in colombia
Guests eating at the local cook in Colombia