Costa Rica

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Beautiful nature of Costa Rica
Beautiful nature of Costa Rica

Costa Rica means Rich Shore. And that’s certainly what it is! With white beaches of great beauty. As well on the side of the Pacific Ocean as the Carribean See. Yet there is much more to enjoy. The country stretches from Nigaragua up to Panama. In Costa Rica you find true nature everywhere. The rainforest is famous because of the many different trees and animals.


Culture in Costa Rica

If you come to Costa Rica by plane, you land near San José. This is the capital. San José is a fast growing city. To make this grow possible, many old buildings are torn down. Therefore the city has a modern look. Also it gives place to a lot of streetart. And if you want to see art in a museum, check the museum of contemporary art!

Costa Rica is a religious country. In the exact centre lays Cartago. Many Roman Catholic pelgrims visit this city. Because they pray here to the virgin Mary. For example for healing in case of sickness. Special is the colour of the holy statue: black. They call it “La Negrita”. The praying takes place in a church. This famous cathedral is named ‘Basílica de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles’. The cathedral has been damaged by earthquakes over the centuries. Due to the rebuilding, several building styles are present now.

Perserving the environment is of great importance for Costa Ricans. The government is eager to become a climate neutral country soon. Therefore Costa Rica is placed highly on the Happy Planet Index. Eco-travelers will have a great time here!

Food in Costa Rica

You can enjoy rice and (black) beans tree times a day. National dish of Costa Rica Gallo Pinto is a breakfast of rice, beans and eggs. At the lunch or dinner, they add meat or fish in stead of the eggs.

Also the fine tropical fruit is much eaten during the day. For example pineapple, banana and mango. These are the base of ‘Frescos’. A juice made of fruit and water or milk. Of course you must also try Agua de pipa. This is the water of a green coconut you zip through a straw. Rather like it hot? Costa Rican coffee is strong and tasty!

ResiRest in Costa Rica

Maria en Fermin
Maria en Fermin at their home

Meet a local family in Costa Rica by ResiRest. You can join them for a traditional lunch or dinner at their home. A nice way to get a taste of real local life. Taking the time to get to know each other. And so you: “Come as a guest, leave as a friend!” Check out the menus and availability in our free mobile app.