Latin America

What a lot of versatility has this country to offer! We are talking about Ecuador with its idyllic coasts, beautiful nature of the Amazon and the rich history of the Incas.

Culture in Ecuador

As stated above, Ecuador has got you so much to offer! The rich past of Incas, mindblowing volcanoes and colonial cities can be found here. During your travel, go see the nature of The Andes and the Amazon Forest with the longest river in the world, namely the Amazon river¡el Ecuador es, ha sido, y será, pais amazónico! – Ecuador has been, is, and will be, an Amazonian country!

Furthermore, visit the Galápagos Islands. On these islands, there are many unique plants and animals such as the giant tortoises which arrived about 3 million years ago.

When you visit the old town of Quito there’s a lot to see. For example, walk around the mondain Plaza Granda with palaces and hotels. One of these palaces is the seat of the government. Furthermore, the old city is home to many churches. Most noteworthy is el San Francisco. This church is one of the largest colonial buildings in Latin America. The insides as well as on the outside of the church, it is an impressive piece of work. And for sure worth a visit.

Food in Ecuador

The Ecuadoreans cook with love and share food together with their family and friends. They mix products such as green plantain, corn, pork, seafood and many others with flavors that will inspire every foodie traveler.

Ecuadorian Ceviche
Local Ecuadorian prepared Ceviche

One famous dish is tasty Ceviche which consists of cooked fish marinated in citrus juice and topped with chili peppers. The fish is served with green plantain chips or corn. Ecuador even has got a national day for this dish which is June 28. Therefore, when you travel Ecuador a must-do is trying Ceviche.

Their food culture is a strong part of their identity. Hence important dates will always be celebrated with cooking to bring people together.

Cintia, one of our local cooks from Ecuador

ResiRest in Ecuador

Sharing food makes you part of the Ecuadorian culture. With Fundación Apoyando Ecuador, we give you the chance to eat together with a nice local family. If you are a foodie, just adventurous or curious, you must take your chance to do this. Read all about it in the free ResiRest mobile App and make your booking on time so you don’t miss out on this.

Salud y Buen provecho!