Together with Djibouti, Eritrea, and Somalia, Ethiopia fills the Horn of Africa. This is a peninsula on the east side of Africa. The Ethiopian Highlands cover a large part of Ethiopia. Being the reason for the nice climate of this country close to the equator. Hence you find many cities and tourist hotspots here. If you rather like it hot: visit Dallol. At this “hot spot” the average annual temperature rises to 34 degrees Celsius. This is the hottest in the world.

Culture in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Coffee
Ethiopian Jebena Buna

The history of Ethiopia is rich. Place of origin of the “homo sapiens” according to local fossils findings. Now a home to over 100 million people. Capital Addis Ababa is one of the largest cities in Africa. Also, it is known as the political center of Africa. 

In Ethiopia, you must take time to see Addis Ababa. It lies high on Mount Entoto. The modern city is full of activity. For instance, many students engage in the colleges and universities. Also, here you find the largest African open-air market: Addis Merkato. Merkato is Italian for market. Because of the Italian domination in the 20th century, you find many Italian influences in Addis Ababa. Like the streets and buildings at the Piazza district. One of the best areas to walk around! Same goes for the parks. For example, Africa Park.

Next to the Italian, over the ages, many styles mixed up with the ethnic Ethiopian culture. You will see also Portuguese features across the country. For example the castle of King Fasiladas in the city of Gondar. A nice building in the Portuguese style. Yet, the Islamic culture is firmly present too. Like in the city Harar. Besides a historic city center, you find here 99 mosques. Other cities like Aksum are known by Coptic Christian churches. 

Food in Ethiopia

Ethiopian local food
Typical local food from Ethiopia prepared by one of our local cooks

Many foods come together in the “wat”. This thick meat stew is one of the nicest dishes. It is served on an injera, a large flatbread. The flatbread is also used to eat the stew. Just scoop the wat with the injera.

Did you know Ethiopia is the place of origin of the coffee bean? They have a rich coffee culture with three coffee ceremonies (jebena buna) each day. Coffee is brewed three times and mixed with water. It is put in an earthen black jar called jebena. These coffee ceremonies are done by women dressed in traditional garbs. Maybe you have tried the famous Ethiopian coffee at home. Now taste this coffee in its home country!

ResiRest in Ethiopia

Our local agent Daniël by Secretland Ethiopia is very clear. Ethiopian locals are happy to meet you! Please come round to share a wat. Or another local dish you like to eat. It will be one of the highlights of your visit and a nice way to directly support a local family. See you soon in Addis Ababa!