Latin America

Guatemala Tikal Temple I
Mayan ruins of Tikal: Temple of the Great Jaguar

When you hear Guatemala you might not exactly know where it is located. This country in Central America is bordered by Mexico in the north, the Pacific Ocean in the southwest, Belize in the northeast, the Caribbean in the east, Honduras in the east, and El Salvador in the southeast. Guatemala is a country with beautiful nature, culture, and amazing people. You can see beautiful landscapes with volcanoes, the amazing peaceful lake Lago Atitlan, visit the Caribbean and see the world-famous Mayan ruins of Tikal.

Culture in Guatemala

Among the travelers, the colonial city Antigua is a hotspot. This city was Guatemala’s capital but got destroyed by a huge earthquake in 1773. However, it is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites therefore, travelers visit Antiqua. Additionally, the amazing atmosphere makes that people easily fall in love with the city. Obviously, that’s why Antigua was the the first place in Guatemala where ResiRest spread their wings. Also, you can eat with a family in San Gaspar Vivar, which is close to Antigua.

Since June 2018, families in Quetzaltenango – Xela join ResiRest too. So, Xela is not only about the old Maya culture, or 19th century architecture anymore. Nowadays, you can have a taste of the actual local life too!

Food in Guatemala

Like many other countries, Guatemala has a great cuisine. However, besides the good cooking, they have the best coffee. Guatemala is one of the ten biggest countries in coffee export worldwide. Therefore, when traveling Guatemala it is a good reason to try a lot of the great coffee shops you will find here.

Some typical Guatemalan dishes are eaten during a special occasion such as Christmas, a birthday, wedding or any other celebration. One traditional dish is Pepian which is a spicy stew made of chicken, beef or pork, with vegetables like squash, carrot, potato, and corn. In addition, this meal is cooked with a rich mix of spices and traditionally is served with rice and tortillas.

Local Woman Making Tortilla
Local Woman Making Tortillas

Another dish is Tamales which is a traditional pork or chicken dish made of dough and is steamed in a banana leaf. If you would like to know where to buy Tamales, you might go searching for a red light in front of the Guatemalan houses. The red light functions as a signal for people selling Tamales. Besides those special plates, the Guatemalan families love to eat rice (arroz), beans (frijoles), eggs (heuvos), fried plantain (platanos), and last but not least their famous tortillas (little pancakes made of corn).

Since eating is a social activity in Guatemala, you also will see a lot of people eating on the street. They are enjoying their lunch in the park and meeting with friends or family. Some street food dishes are Tostados (a big round nacho topped with beans, guacamole, beets, and cabbage) and Rellenitos (cooked plantain filled with chocolate and beans). Another famous streetfood snack is Corn. As the name already reveals, this street food is a whole piece of corn grilled on the barbecue.

Besides all this, on the streets, you’ll find a lot of fruit chopped and ready to eat. Mostly, among the fruits, there is pineapple and mango which are delicious. Maybe eat them both?!

ResiRest in Guatemala

Homedining makes you part of the Guatemalan culture. Hence, be welcome and eat together with a nice local family. Since there is still a huge difference between the rich and the poor, ResiRest provides you the chance to support the local people by sharing a meal. Together with Stichting Ayuda Maya, we give local families the opportunity to prepare a traditional meal for you. Also, by Adora Tours in Antigua, you can make a combination of a walking tour and local lunch by ResiRest. Do-Guatemala is our partner at the Xela region.

By joining, Guatemalan locals can get their own fair share of tourism while travelers will have an unforgettable experience! Read about it in the free ResiRest mobile App and make your reservation on time so you don’t miss out on this. Or, learn more in the blog posts about Guatemala: right here.