IND – Java


Java is a province and the “beating heart” of Indonesia. About 150 million people live on this rather small island. Therefore it is the most highly populated part of Indonesia. If you are a city dog, Jakarta is the place to be! First the shopping malls, or museums, or …?

Culture of Java

The city Jakarta is the capital of Java. It is part of the region ‘Jabodetabek’. In addition to Jakarta, four other cities make this one of the largest metropolia in the world. These cities are Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekas.

The first thing to notice here is the busy streets. You wonder where all the traffic is heading to. Due to all the cars, motorbikes and busses, there is an almost permanent traffic jam. The best way for you is to drive around by taxi. In this way, you can relax and see the street life. Also nice because of the airconditioning, since the temperatures can rise high during the day.

Jakarta and his neighbor cities are very entertaining. For example, meet local people at a sports game like football or basketball. The stadiums are huge since sports are quite popular in Indonesia. Rather explore the nightlife? Seems like there are enough options for you here! First a fancy dinner in one of the nice restaurants. Then go to a club, lounge or bar. Maybe you like karaoke, or rather jazz? Do you prefer a wine bar or pub? Either way, you can enjoy yourself all night long.

Borobudur Temple Jogjakarta, Java
Borobudur Temple Jogjakarta. Photo credits – Hip On Trip

In addition to the city highlights, visit edgy nature like the Bromo volcano. The most notorious of a series of vulcanos at Java. Or go see the Merapi, since this is the most active volcano on the island. Close to it, you will find the famous Borobudur. This ancient Buddhist temple appeals to the imagination since the recovery in the 19th century. The walls and balustrades of the Borobudur Temple are decorated with fine reliefs, covering a total area of 2.500 m2. According to local beliefs, touching a statue of Buddha through the holes of the Stupa brings you an eternal fortune, let’s give it a shot!

Food in Java

In comparison to the other parts of Indonesia, the Javanese food is mostly pretty sweet. For example, sweet soy sauce (kecip manis) is added. Another common use is eating rice at every meal. Since there are many kinds of rice, such as white, red and black rice, this will not bore you at all. Rice is of such importance, there is even a Rice Goddess: Dewi Sri.

Other common Javanese dishes are for example Sateh (grilled meat) and Tempeh (made of soybeans). Yet in some regions, the food is slightly different. Like salt is added to the food in the eastern part of Java. Near Semarang, you find food prepared in the Chinese way. Here is where you can find those tasty spring rolls on the menu.

ResiRest at Java

The people of Java enjoy cooking and eating with many people. So don’t be shy and join them! By home dining, you will get a taste of real local life. Taste the best local food and meet the nicest local people at their houses. It’s another great thing to experience during your Indonesia trip! Eat with locals in Jakarta.