East African country Kenya is famous for its wildlife. Have you spotted the Big Five yet? Maybe visit the great falls of Victoria Lake or rather try Lake Naivasha for the flamingos, hippos, and rhinos. Go discover Mount Kenya near Nairobi, the fertile countrysides or do you prefer sunny beaches? Kenya has it all for you!

Culture in Kenya

Kenya is a multi-ethnic country with many different African groups of people. As a result, together they speak over 60 languages. As a former British colony, English is one of the official languages. But maybe you will try to talk Swahili?

Also, there is great variety in religion, clothing, and way of life. Do you want to explore this real local culture? Our local cooks are happy to welcome you into their homes. So you can see how they live.

Food in Kenya

Let us introduce some of the best Kenyan dishes. First, there are rice dishes like Pilau and Biriani. Pilau rice is flavored with spices and cooked in a seasoned broth of fish or meat. Mostly Kenyans make Pilau with goat meat. Similar to Pilau, Biriani is a rice-based dish with a rich aroma and taste. It’s cooked with spiced chicken, meat or fish and vegetables or eggs. Next lovely dish: Matoke. Plain green bananas are the base of this tasty meal. Yet in combination with meat, vegetables and herbs make it very special.

Rather eat a veggie dish? Mukimo means ‘mashed’ and is made of ingredients like peas, pumpkin leaves, and corn. It is eaten a lot by Kenyans. Also the sweet and spicy dish Maharagwe is worth trying. The red beans are cooked in coconut milk. Hence the sweet taste, while the pepper and garlic spice it up!

ResiRest in Kenya

Our partner Stichting Pamoja Kenia cares

Some of our local cooks from Kenya

much about local water supply and works together with ResiRest by sharing local knowledge. Therefore, we can offer you unique home dining experiences: sharing homemade meals with a local family at their house. If you are curious about the whereabouts of the food, there is a special jungle food tour available. Hereby, the locals take you for a walk in the jungle and show you where the food is found. In addition, you prepare and eat the food when you get back to the house.

So, if you are in the east of Kenya and if you are foodie, adventurous, and interested in meeting local people, then visit the ResiRest families near Malindi. The people of Kenya and our local agent Philippe are ready to meet you!