Laos (officially the Lao People’s Democratic Republic) is a landlocked country in South East Asia. It is not merely as touristic as some of its big neighbors like Thailand or Vietnam. Hence, travelers who like to visit places a bit more ‘off the beaten track’ will love it. This country has lots of cultural and natural beauties to offer!

Culture in Laos

Most worth visiting in Laos are the 4000 Islands. Or, in Lao: Si Phan Don. This is an area in the south part of the country. The islands lay in the Mekong river. Some islands are very small, others rather big. Moreover, some islands are no more than a rock. In the rainy season, some of the small islands get flooded.

The peaceful atmosphere and the kind people make a great opportunity to take your time to explore the islands. For instance, Don Som is a island certainly worth visiting. It is rather small, therefore not very touristic. If you like it off the beaten track, then here you go! Don’t expect much luxury here. Just enjoy the beaches and watch the local fishermen. Or perhaps rent a bike to cross the countryside and watch the farmers. The slow life of every day can be an inspiration to calm down yourself.

The Buddhist religion is a major part of the Lao life. One of the important ceremonies you can find in Laos is the Baci ritual. This ritual is considered non-Buddhist but is still a very important ceremony for many Buddhist people and contains Buddhist praying as well. It is a fusion of old Hindu and Buddhist religious practices. After the Baci ceremony, people will eat and drink together and many times a party with dancing and (sometimes heavy) drinking will follow.     

Food in Laos

Lao food is not as well-known as the food in some of the neighboring countries like China and Thailand. Yet, it is absolutely worth trying and a cultural experience that you will never forget! Although Laos has no coasts, fish is still eaten by many people. Fresh fish from the mighty Mekong river is caught by many local fishermen.
Pork, beef, duck, and chicken are also common food, always combined with fresh vegetables and fruit.

Travelers in Laos having dinner at locals
Travelers in Laos having dinner at one of our local cooks

Lao food is often very spicy. Of course, this can be adjusted for you. Sticky rice is a special part of the Lao kitchen and eaten by most people. Laap and Tam mak hung are two classics of the Lao kitchen and will bring you closer to the Lao culture and its unique way of cooking. Since eating in Laos is an important part of interaction and traditions, the people greet each other by the followed by the question: “kin khao leo bor?” which means “have you eaten already?“.

ResiRest in Laos

Meet a local family in Laos by ResiRest. Join them for a traditional lunch or dinner at their home. Since the families in serve a delicious meal, you don’t want to miss out on this! Furthermore, sharing a meal is the best way to get to know each other. And so you: “Come as a guest, leave as a friend!”

We work together with local agent Sander in supporting the local families of Si Phan Don. As a result, we can offer you home dining at reliable and friendly host families. While you have a great time at the dining table together, at the same time these locals earn their ‘fair share of tourism’.