IND – Lombok


By the Rinjani legend, Lombok is created by two dragons. When Jani (a dragon of fire) attacks Rini (a dragon of water) there is a major fight between them. Lastly, water and fire turn into land. At this moment Rinjani arises. The Rinjani volcano is the second largest of Indonesia. Due to this volcano, Lombok is a fertile, green paradise.

Wild jungle stretches from coast to coast. To expand the paradise feeling some more, you find small sand beaches between the jungle areas. The countryside is beautiful too. Here you find small roads, tiny villages and endless fields full of rice, cotton, and cinnamon. Also, soybeans and coffee beans grow here.

Lombok is part of the Archipel “Lesser Sunda Islands”. In comparison with the Greater Sunda Islands like Java, it’s quiet and peaceful. Hence it makes your trip to Indonesia complete.

Culture of Lombok

Probably the best beaches of Indonesia you find at Lombok. Especially in the south, they are bright white and mostly very quiet. Moreover, the possibilities of combining beach and sports are great. For instance go surfing in Senggigi, a popular surf spot near capital Mataram. Or visit the Gili Islands which lay north of Lombok. Here you can go snorkeling or diving. The islands are tiny, yet the sea life is mighty. You find a high variety of tropical sea life around here.

Travel inland to discover true local culture. About 85% of the people are Sasak. Hence you see a lot of typical Sasak houses. You can recognize these houses by the thatched roof and use of bamboo. The majority of the Sasak are Muslim. Therefore you see many mosques and minarets. In addition, many of the Sasak practice the animist belief. Praying and food offer to the dead are common.

Also, the locals make their offerings at the top of the Rinjani volcano. You might meet the pilgrims if you go there. Beware that it is at least a three-day-trip to get to the top and back again. Yet, you are rewarded by spectacular views and untamed nature. So in many ways, Rinjani is worth your visit.

Food of Lombok

Many people live by farming or fishing. The sell their products at local markets. Visiting a Lombok market is a nice way to blend in with local life. On the markets, you find a large variety of food. For example tasty vegetables such as eggplant and tomatoes.

Traditional Lombok food is mildly spicy. Chili, garlic and ginger are popular ingredients. Coconut milk makes the food sweet and tempers the spices. Of course, rice is always on the menu. Chicken and fish are stapled as well.

The Lombok people make sateh (grilled meat) in various ways. Like sate sapi (beef) with a coconut curry sauce or plain satay ayan (chicken). Something really different is the taste of sate ikan tanjung, which is made of fish and a mixture of spices.

ResiRest at Lombok

The people of Lombok enjoy cooking and eating with many people. So don’t be shy and join them! By home dinning you will get a taste of real local life. Taste the best local food. And meet the nicest local people at their home. Another great thing to experience on your Indonesia trip!

At Lombok, we work together with non-profits. As a result, we can offer you home dining at reliable and friendly host families. While you have a great time at the dining table together, at the same time these locals earn their ‘fair share of tourism’. Check out the menus and availability in our free mobile app.