The Republic of Malawi is known as the heart of Africa. We think it is the best-kept secret of the African continent. No mass tourism here, so a perfect destination for the adventurest travelers looking for authentic experiences in nature and culture.

Culture of Malawi

People of Malawi
People of Malawi, photo made by Hip On Trip

The over 19 million inhabitants of Malawi life mostly in different tribes like the Chewa, the Nyanja, the Tumbuka and the Yao. The common language is Chichewa. But no worries if you don’t speak Chichewa, English is an official language too, fortunately. Malawi is a former colony of the English. In cities like Zomba, the former British capital, the style of the streets and houses still breath the colonial era.

When you visiting the country, you can’t go around Lake Malawi. A beautiful and large lake, the second largest lake in Africa. The clear water invites you to go snorkeling. Can you spot all of the 500 different sorts of fish? Later on, you can relax and work on your tan at one of the many white sand beaches.

The national parks give you a great opportunity to meet the big five and many other animals. The lack of mass tourism makes you can fully experience and enjoy the untamed nature. You can make a safari tour by car, but also by bike or canoe.

Food of Malawi

Get yourself introduced to some of the common food of Malawi. Mkhwani, just by the exotic and tasty name you want to try it. Made of pumpkin leaves it is a very popular dish. By using groundnut flour, the dish gets a nice bite!

Local cook from Malawi

If you want to discover different flavors in one meal, Nsima is your dish of choice! Nsima is a food staple made of ground corn. It is served with side dishes with meat and vegetables (like “ndiwo”).

ResiRest in Malawi

Enjoy the best local food. And above all, enjoy the nice company of the local people. In Malawi you can support local families by having a lunch or dinner together. They love to welcome you at their homes and prepare the most delicious dishes. So you can get a real taste of local life.