Latin America

Mexico Cancun Beach
Beautiful Cancun Beach

Find out this beautiful country in North America. With more than 120 million people this Spanish speaking country is the second most popular nation in Latin America. It has perfect beaches with beautiful white sand coastlines and crystal clear water that makes snorkeling a must-do.

Culture in Mexico

Mexico has a rich, colorful and vigorous culture. The culture was influenced by the ancient civilizations such as the Maya and Aztec. On a two hour drive from Cancun, a well-known ancient Mayan city can be found, namely Tulum. Here, ruins of the Maya history are located on a sea cliff. Because it is surrounded by a stone wall on three sides, the ruins’ name is Tulum meaning wall in the Mayan language. The Mayans were one of the ancient cultures who lived in Mexico before the Spanish conquered the country. Nowadays there are still some of them living in Mexico. Their story tells that they called themselves “Corn People”.

Maya Ruins in Tulum, Mexico
Maya Ruins in Tulum. Photo credits – Evelien van Heijster

Besides, many travelers visit the village to explore the underwater world. It’s because in the turquoise colored sea the second largest reef in the world is located.

The Mexican people are very proud of their traditions. They have their own cultural practices and celebrations. One of the famous holidays in Mexico is the Day of the Dead. This tradition is about the true celebration of life. Most of the Mexicans are mestizos, which means they have a mix of Indian an Spanish Blood.

Food in Mexico

Mexicans eat just 3 times a day, they don’t like to eat more than 5 times a day like most of the Europeans. When you are in Mexico you can try a lot of delicious dishes like Chilaquiles, Guacamole, Elote, Tacos al pastor, Burrito and too much more.  The most common ingredients of Mexican beans, corn, and chili peppers. The Mexican Cuisine is influenced by the Spanish, Asian and also African Kitchen.

ResiRest in Mexico

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