Latin America

By all means “the land of lakes and volcanoes”. Within its borders, the two largest freshwater lakes in Central America, Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua. And the 40 volcanoes in the Central Highlands, most of them still active. Besides, in this country Nicaragua, you find a large rainforest with a lot of different kinds of flora and fauna. So, it’s no surprise that the eco tourist finds its way to this place!

Culture in Nicaragua

One of the lovely cities of Nicaragua: Granada
One of the finest cities of Nicaragua: Granada

Cities like Managua, Granada, Léon, and Masaya are a good base to see a lot of Nicaraguan cultures. The cities are vivid and here you can visit theatres, (art) museums and festivals. Yet, the stunning nature is very close. In Managua for instance, the lagoons are close to the old city center. At the coast of Lake Nicaragua, you can find the city, Granada. Hence, take the chance to fish marine as well as freshwater fish. However, watch out for sharks though, since this is the only spot in the world they live in fresh water.

The cities mentioned above are located in the west of Nicaragua. Note the Spanish influences which are present in this region. For instance in food, religion, music, and of course the Spanish language. In the eastern parts of the country, known as the Mosquito coast, the people speak English because it was twice a Protectorate of the United Kingdom over the years. In this region, there are no major cities, but the nice little villages are worth a visit as well.

Gallo Pinto with coffee for breakfast
Gallo Pinto with coffee for breakfast

Food in Nicaragua

Similar to the culture, food differs from coast to coast. At the Carribean coast, people use the tropical flavor of coconut a lot. Also, a lot of seafood is on the menu. While near the Pacific, corn is the staple which people use a lot in different dishes. In addition, corn is used in drinks as well such as in the drink Chicha-de Maíz.

Rather everywhere, people eat the combination of rice and beans on a daily bases. For instance, the Gallo Pinto (‘spotted rooster’) dish. Also, people grow a lot of vegetables and flowers in their gardens which both are used to complete and vary dishes.

Maybe you have heard of Cuy? In this dish, the meat of the guinea pig is eaten. Also, boas (snakes) are eaten too at some places in Nicaragua.

ResiRest in Nicaragua

Meet a local family in Nicaragua by ResiRest. Join them for a traditional lunch or dinner at their home. Since the families in Granada serve a delicious meal, you don’t want to miss out on this! Furthermore, sharing a meal is the best way to get to know each other. And so you: “Come as a guest, leave as a friend!”

In Nicaragua, we work together with NME Mundial to support local families. As a result, we can offer you home dining at reliable and friendly host families. While you have a great time at the dining table together, at the same time these locals earn their ‘fair share of tourism’. Check out the menus in our free mobile app.