Senegal lays in the west of Africa, it fully embraces The Gambia. Other neighbors are Mali, Mauritania, Guinee, and Guinee-Bissau. Music is important in this charming country as well as hospitality. Furthermore, it is a stable and safe country for travelers. So don’t wait any longer: visit Senegal!

Culture in Senegal

Dakar with a large harbor forms the ultimate west point of the African continent. Hence, it is a gateway between West-Africa and the rest of the world and it has been for quite some time now. In the 16th century, Dakar’s harbor already was a place of trade. Near Dakar, you can find Lac Rose also known as Lac Retba. This lake is a popular day-trip destination because of the lake’s magic trick. During the dry season when the sun is high, the water turns into pink which is caused by the high salt content. The pink lake is a spectacle to see!

Just a few kilometers across the ocean, you find the island Gorée. Here you can visit an old house of slaves which is a small museum nowadays. Next to this, you can wander around and admire the colorful houses.

The small city of Saint-Louis is located in the north. It is placed in the delta of the River Senegal. The old town is shaped by the water in a unique way, that’s why it is World Heritage. In the city, you can find loud music and art, while just beyond the city border you can hear the sounds of nature. Especially in the rainy season, because then many birds gather in the ponds created by the water floods.

Food in Senegal

If you like some fish on your plate, go to Senegal. The large coastline makes fish a popular ingredient. A common dish with fish is called Yassa. It is a stew, therefore it consists of many flavors. However, most of the times, Yassa is made of chicken. In either way, you eat it with plain white rice.

Senegalese Traditional Dish Thiep Bou Dienne
Senegalese Traditional Dish Thiep Bou Dien

A traditional dish in Senegal is Thiep Bou Dien which can be prepared and written in many varieties. It basically means rice (thiep) and fish (dien) dish and is served with vegetables. The dish is made by the famous cook from Saint-Louis, Penda Mbaye. Why should you try it? Because it is a typical Dakar dish and because it’s simply delicious!

In addition, it is nice to know the French influenced the Senegalese cuisine. For example, desserts are a mixture of French style and local ingredients.

ResiRest in Senegal

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