Sierra Leone


The best beaches of Africa. Sierra Leone is known for the large, white sand beaches. But this West African country has so much more to offer. On the coast region and also inland the beauty of nature is overwhelming. Like birdwatchers from all over the world come to see the 135 different birds. Mangroves and rainforest: check it out!

Culture of Sierra Leone

Slavery is an important issue in the history of Sierra Leone. First, the Portuguese ‘discovered’ the country and send the inhabitants as slaves to America and Asia. Later on, the country became a safe place for former slaves. The name of the capital “Freetown” still refers to it. Nowadays you can visit interesting museums and buildings about that time in history.

It became a melting pot of different former slaves from different African countries and also Jamaica. A vivid and sometimes mysterious culture has developed since. The most widely spoken language is Krio. And animist is a common religious belief, in addition to Islam and Christian religion.

Food in Sierra Leone

Freetown offers you nice food! First go see the markets on every corner and the fish fresly broad in at the harbour. It’s easy to get an appetite by the food coming along.

Staple food is cassava leaves. It’s an ancient, traditional African dish. Sometimes it comes as a soup. Then it’s called Saka Saka or Pondo.

ResiRest at Sierra Leone

Curious about the life in Freetown and the way local families eat? Want to try a meal of cassava leaves and see how it’s prepared the local way? Try homedining! Meet up with the local people and have a lunch or dinner together. Meet and eat in Sierra Leone: you are very welcome to join!