Thailand, for many backpackers their first Asian country to travel. When you arrive at the huge BKK airport, you immediatly feel the adventure coming. Will you take a plane to fly towards the southern islands? Bounty style beaches, full moon parties, and exploring the marine life. Or let’s check out Bangkok city, and follow the tracks toward northern highlights like Sukhothai and Chiang Mai. The land of smiles will fill you with joy.


The culture of Thailand

Thailand is the country of Buddha statues and temples
Thailand is the country of Buddha statues and temples

Religion is a major part of local Thai life. Therefore, you will come across many Buddhist signs. Everywhere you see the monks, the statues, and the temples. The colors are bright and the ceremonies are cheerful. Buddhism is a kind and tolerant religion.

Another important part of Thai culture is the position of the king. Thailand is a kingdom for ages, and the people have great respect for their king. On the streets you find many signs with the portrait of the king. Foreigners have to pay respect to the Thai king as well!

The wealth of the Thai Kings of the past, have led to several beautiful sites. For instance Ayutthaya and Sukhothai. If you have an interest in history and ancient cities, you should pay these places a visit for sure.


Spicy noodles as an expample of Thai food
Spicy noodles as an expample of Thai food

The food in Thailand

Hot, hotter, hottest. We all know the Thai food can be spicy. It doesn’t keep us from enjoying the local dishes.


In order to experience real Thai cuisine, many travelers visit markets, take cooking classes, or eat local streetfood. It is hard to resist the noodles, exotic fruits and delicious soups. For example: Pad Thai, Rambutan, and Tom Kha Kai. Yet the most original food experience you get at the Thai peoples’ homes.


ResiRest in Thailand

Lamyong and (part of ) her family
Lamyong and (part of ) her family

Home dining with positive social impact. Mutual fair tourism, so it’s fair priced too. The ResiRest concept is now available in Thailand!

We have a network of reliable host families in cities like Bangkok, Sukothai, and Chang Mai. Pay a visit to a local family and get sucked into the real Thai (food)culture.

Make reservations here to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience soon.