Uganda landscape
Landscape of Uganda. Photo credits – Birgit Rozenbroek

Uganda is known as the ‘Pearle of Africa’ and has its own unique culture. The local population is one of the friendliest in the world and are interested in travelers and their stories. Since they like to converse, they are eager to share their own.

The Ugandan food culture

Agriculture has a 70% share in the country’s economy. Therefore lots of fruit and vegetables are grown fresh every day. Also, fish arrives daily from Lake Victoria.

Food and sharing meals is an important part of the Ugandan culture. Women always tend to cook a lot of food, just in case they get a visitor, or two. In practice, this often happens. Family, relatives or friends-of-friends are always served a plate of food when they happen to be around.

Most Ugandans start the day with a small and fried snack, like samosacassave or kabalagala. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day. Lunch time is around 2-3 pm. Lunch is a warm meal, mostly some combination of rice, beans, posho or potatoes, vegetables and meat. Supper – also a warm meal – takes place between 8-10 pm.

Ugandans rarely eat with cutlery. Rather they use their hands (very efficiently). And they never start with wishing each other a good meal, but they always thank the cook afterward (“weebale kufumba! – thank you for cooking”).

Local food in Uganda

Over 20 different ethnic groups and tribes call Uganda their home. Hence the local food can vary dependent on the part of the country that you visit. If you are in the North with the Karamajong tribe, you will surely drink a lot of milk. While when you visit the Busoga in Eastern Uganda, your lunch will contain lumonday (sweet potatoes) with groundnut sauce. And in the Western parts of the country, you will definitely come across potatoes (Irish).

Preparing food in Uganda
Preparing food in Uganda. Photo credits – Birgit Rozenbroek

A typically Ugandan dish is matooke, a steamed banana dish, which you eat with a smooth groundnut sauce. Often you will find posho (maize flour boiled in water), beans and chicken or beef on the menu. Muchomo is meat from chicken or beef, roasted on charcoal. Luwombo is chicken wrapped and boiled in banana leaves until it is very soft and delicious to eat. must-eat is the Rolex. This is a chapati (pancake made of flour and water) with a fried egg rolled in it.

The national drink of Uganda is Waragi. A kind of gin distilled from beer, bananas, cassava and brown sugar. Also many other drinks are worth tasting. For instance katunda (passion fruit juice) and nanaasi (a brown drink made of boiled pineapple peel, black tea leaves and sugar).

ResiRest in Uganda

Ugandan local food
Sharifa is prepare some Ugandan local food

Meet a local family in Uganda by ResiRest. Join them for a traditional lunch or dinner at their home. Since the families in Kampala, Jinja, Entebbe and Iganga serve a delicious meal, you don’t want to miss out on this! Furthermore, sharing a meal is the best way to get to know each other. And so you: “Come as a guest, leave as a friend!”

In Uganda we work together with Egoli Africa in supporting local families. As a result, we can offer you home dining at reliable and friendly host families. While you have a great time at the dining table together, at the same time this locals earn their ‘fair share of tourism’. Check out the menus and availability in our free mobile app.