The Republic of Uzbekistan is a lovely Orient travel destination. Yet it is unexplored. Just lately Lonely Planet ‘discovered’ and promoted this Central Asian country. For real travelers though, that shouldn’t be a problem. Since meeting local people, adventure and culture are the keys to travel!

Culture in Uzbekistan

Beautfiul Registan Square in Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Samarkand’s beautiful Registan Square

The mix of ethnic cultures in this country is quite unique. Where else would you find people of Iranian, Mongol, Russian and Korean origin living together? Maybe this mixture is the reason for all the nice architecture, craftwork, and delicious food.

One of the oldest cities is Samarkand. The city of Samarkand is placed on the famous old Silk Route. The history is rich. Probably the best-known site in Samarkand is The Registan. It means desert in Persian. The Registan was a public square in ancient times. The square is framed by three Islamitic schools. So this gives you a nice glimpse of local architecture.

Food in Uzbekistan

Eating local food from Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has a rich local agriculture. Due to the focus on grain and sheep farming, many dishes contain noodles and mutton. Palov is a nice family dish served in a large bowl. The ingredients: rice, meat, carrots, and onions. Tasty food which you can enjoy together! You can also try shurpa soup or dimlama stew.

By tradition, every meal is accompanied by tea. Tea is also offered to guests as a sign of hospitality. In Uzbekistan’s capital, Tashkent black tea is the most popular beverage. Elsewhere green tea is more common.

ResiRest in Uzbekistan

Together with GlobalConnect we have arranged a variety of local cooks for you. They can show you the local life and food. Please feel welcome to meet up and enjoy the tasty food. See you soon!