Certainly an upcoming destination in Asia! Vietnam becomes very popular among backpackers. For a good reason, because it’s a fine place to spend some time.

Culture of Vietnam

Of course, the war has a huge impact on Vietnam. There’s much to explore in this way. For example in Ho Chi Min City. Yet it is for sure not the only historical feature. Old temples for instance, are quite amazing. Like the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, a beautiful setting in this busy city.

A viewpoint near Ninh Binh
A viewpoint near Ninh Binh

City dogs can eat their hearts out. Hanoi is famous because of the Old Quarter. Futhermore, you will find in this city plenty restaurants, bars, museums, etc. Or travel down the coastline due south to Hue. If you like it green, visit the ricefields of Sapa, north of Hanoi.

Or, pay a visit to Catba island which has a lovely National Parc to hike. From here you can also  enter Vietnams hottest hotspot: the Halong Bay. Nature created a stunning scenery of ocean and rocks. Of course, you have to see Ninh Binh as wel. Ninh Binh is like the Halong Bay, but dry though. The peaceful and quiet countryside is splitted by the limestone rocks. On several rocks you can climb the stairs. You will be impressed by the view!


Food in Vietnam

Food is everywhere, like Bahn My
Food is everywhere in Vietnam, like Banh My

Look around: food is everywhere. Vietnamese people love to eat! How do you like Pho? This is the noodlesoup that very common in Vietnam. It’s eaten all day long and you can buy it almost everywhere. By the way, you eat this soup with chopsticks, a real challenge for many foreigners.

Banh My sounds Viet, yet originally it is French. This baguette can be stuffed with for example pate, or fried egg, or what ever the days offer is. In the morning, you will see the vendors placing their stuff somewhere on the pavement or street. Surrounded by small, plastic stools, a typical Vietnamese streetview. If you don’t like noodles three times a day, this is a nice and local alternative.


ResiRest in Vietnam

Meeting up with Thuy and her family in Ninh Binh
Meeting up with Thuy and her family in Ninh Binh

Since the great importance of food, it’s an honour for us to be active in Vietnam. Nowadays, we match travelers and local families in Hanoi and  Ninh Binh. So, here you can explore local food at a local families home. More of Vietnam is yet to come!

Our Vietnamese families are thrilled to have guests. They love to hear your stories about your home country and they love to hear how you feel about Vietnam too. Of course, all can prepare delicious meals. The area around Ninh Binh is very fertile, so veggie meals are a good choice here.

Let’s meet up soon! Go to the ResiRest app to see all available families.