Frequently Asked Questions

Alone or with a group

We are global. You can join in all over the world! Take a look at our info about countries or check the realtime availability in the free ResiRest mobile app.

Book your lunch or dinner by using the free ResiRest mobile app. You will recieve a confirmation by email.

Of course, you are most welcome. Use the free ResiRest mobile app to see the availability: select number of guests “1” and make your choice.

No, you just pay one menu price. No extra costs are added.

In most countries there are local families that can host up to 6 guests. If you have a larger group, consider splitting up so you support multiple families.
Travel organizations and tour leaders can contact us by email (, we will respond asap.


No, transport is not included.

No, we don’t arrange your transport. You can choose for yourself how to get to the local family.

House of the cook

We confirm your booking and send you the address or route. If the house is not easy to find, the local cook will meet you at a meeting point.

We select the location of the local families carefully. In many countries by taxi is the safest way to get around, especially in the evening and night. If you don’t want to get out at night, you can book a lunch.
Some specific neighborhoods are only accessible in a safe way if you are accompanied by a local person. In this case, the local cook will meet you at a safe meeting point and you will enter and leave the neighborhood together.


Aproximately 80% of your payment directly goes to the local family. ResiRest uses the remaining 20% to fulfill cost for the local agents, mobile app, money tranfer, etc.

We make sure you get a safe and fun experience in an easy way. Our local families are selected by non-profit organizations and agents, therefor they are proven reliable and hospitable.

The ResiRest families directly benefit due to the lack of any companies in between. By using ResiRest, you support the locals.
Also, ResiRest is a reliable company (check our reviews) so you don’t have to worry about things like payments or unclear appointments.


You pay the menu price you find in the free ResiRest mobile app. There are no extra costs of any kind. The menu prices are based on local food prices. You pay a fair price, the local cook receives a fair price. In most countries, you pay around €10,- – €12,- for dinner.

You get the delicious food, a (non alcoholic) drink and endless hospitality at the home of the local family. Do not expect a quick bite, the food will be prepared in front of you (or together with you if you like) and there is plenty time to get to know each other.

You have no obligation to give a tip. The local family is supported already by your visit. They receive a fair price, so a tip is not necessary. We suggest you give a positive review if you enjoyed it, so more people will join.

No, that’s not neccesary.
If you like, you can bring a small present. Like a little toy for the kinds, a postcard from your home country or some sweets. Note that a small, personal gift is easier to accept by your host family then a large, expensive gift.


Yes, of course you can join. The main ingredients of the dish are mentioned, so you can make a safe choice to what you eat.
We do instruct the local cooks to cook in a safe and hygienic and local way. They are not all equipped to work around severe allergies.

No, as a party you can only book one menu since you all eat together with the family. Please note it is not a restaurant, it’s home dining.


If drinks are not specificly mentioned in the menu, you can get a (non alcohol) drink like water, tea or fruit juice.
If specific drinks are mentioned in the menu, it’s included.

You will get an authentic experience. In many counties, people are too poor to buy soda. They will serve you water (in a bottle for your safety). Sometimes lemonade or tea is available though.
If you can’t do without, you can bring your own soda. But we suggest to enjoy your meal the way the local people do.

You will get an authentic experience. In many counties, people are too poor to buy drinks containing alcohol or the availability is low. They will serve you water (in a bottle for your safety).
Note that in many cultures drinking alcohol is a no-go. Please respect the local habits that are shown to you by your host family.

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