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ResiRest first introduction:

ResiRest is a registered Social Enterprise in the Netherlands, which can be compared with B-corp. ResiRest is also accredited as a full member by the World Fair Trade Organization, being the first travel enterprise in the world with this accreditation. Our goal is to bring self-reliance, self-esteem, and pride to local families and communities that otherwise would be ‘unseen’ by travelers, The other goal is to bring travelers a taste of real local culture by having all good organized at the spot and reaching the right families. See code-for-social-enterprise for more inside information.

In 2016 we started with “Joining a local family at their eating table” in two countries. Nowadays we make this possible in about 50 countries around the world, working together with local active NGO’s as a guarantee for a proper reach-out to the families we care about, ResiRest is co-working with over 100 Travel organizations around the world and often co-works with local DMC’s. Also, we create tailor-made travel plans for Travel Organizations with a full local focus, fair trade pricing, and flows that are beneficial for the locations themselves (ResiTravel). We do not work for travelers directly. We only create experiences for tour operators.
We often work in cooperation with local non-profit organizations – NGO’s – in search of local families who could use extra support. What we bring to local families is a worldwide food-connecting platform with travel organizations and their tourists. Local families can offer homemade authentic meals and eat them together with the travelers at their homes. We take care of the local families regarding the organization of bookings and payments.
We bring easily accessible possibilities for local families, by making their culture and hospitality visible to travel companies. By doing that, local families can earn their fair share of tourism without any investment and more importantly, without changing themselves for tourism. The thing that is our passion is that in every culture worldwide, sharing food together makes a connection between people.

What does this mean financially for local families?

Through our concept, local families, with an investment of only a few hours a week, can offer their hospitality and their culture to tourists who love to eat together with them and learn more about the food and culture of the country they are visiting. Often when we start, we cannot guarantee a number of bookings every week. After some months, we can guarantee 1 or 2 bookings every week per local family, bringing 80-200 US dollars every month to that family.

What kind of families we are looking for?

We are looking for warm and friendly families. We are not looking for professional chef-cooks. We are looking for families that could really use the support to just make their lives somewhat better. To be clear; we are not looking for families that already have a good and decent life. In a lot of countries, we support the so-called ‘broken families’. Families with only a mother and her children and where the mother is struggling to make the best out of life. Real social impact is created by helping local families who are beautiful as they are, and shouldn’t change anything. If they can give a warm welcome to guests to join them for lunch or dinner, can cook and speak at least a little bit of English (or one of their children) to be able to basic communication with their guests; they are perfect.

What does this mean for the travel organizations and the tourists?

Through the ResiRest concept travel organizations and their tourists are secured of fair trade food from trustworthy local families, all together with our 3 levels of safety (general safety, food safety, and mutual fair trade safety).

What does this mean for both the locals and the travelers?

Eating together connects every culture. That is where ResiRest differs from restaurants. For us, it is all about people, mutual respect and equality, and connecting people.

How can we make the next steps?

Through human bridges, we often find the first local families. This helps us generate the first test bookings from our inner crowd. As soon as these test bookings are ok, we can activate the families for our growing number of travel organizations and we can start making this social impact.