Lunch visit Sunday, January 20th, 2019 Santa Domingo, Medellin. Together with my good friend and colleague Joanna from the States, I visit Yeniffer´s family home.

Panoramic view over Medellin

Upon arrival, we meet Yeniffer, a young jovial local woman. She takes us on a tour around her neighborhood. We walk uphill, alongside many shops, street vendors through colorful streets. From a small plaza, we are greeted by what seems a balcony over Medellin with again this spectacular view. Yeniffer´s tour takes us further up the slopes, through small allies, houses become smaller and humble. All of a sudden we are welcomed by loud music and Estela. She is Yeniffer´s friend and housemate. It´s a beautiful tranquil Sunday, we agree to meet Yeniffer at the Santa Domingo metro cable stop. Situated high up on one of Medellin´s mountain slopes. The way up to her neighborhood is one spectacular experience. The metro and metro cable ride offers a beautiful panoramic view over the city of Medellin. We dangle above so many tiny little houses, one on top of the other. The Medellin valley seems to be covered with houses as far as the eye can see. We observe the family´s Sunday activities from above.

Yeniffer’s home

Yeniffer lives in a wooden cabin. It has a creamy sky-blue color, built on a steep slope. Her front door is at street level. Yet, as soon as we step inside her house a ladder leads downstairs and another steep staircase down to the living room and kitchen. We arrived!

Instantly we feel at home because both Yeniffer and Estela are very sociable and amiable. They invite us to join them at the kitchen table. Here, they offer us some delicious juice and guandao (agua de panela with lime). We exchange many stories and enjoy watching them prepare lunch. Soon we are joined by Angelo, Yeniffer´s 7-year-old son. He asks us many questions out of curiosity. For instance about who we are and where we come from, and what we do in Medellin.

Lunchtime with bean soup

Yeniffer, Estela, and Angelo tell us about their daily lives in their neighborhood. It´s one of those neighborhoods where everyone knows everyone. Therefore, at night it´s safe to walk around. Also, they share some local anecdotes with us. For example, in front of their house, there are miners active, mining for minerals. Every morning they hear heavy explosions just a few hundred meters from their house, BANG! All five of us enjoy a delicious lunch together of Cazuela de frijoles (bean soup). This comes with many possible ingredients to add to our liking. We can choose Carne molida (ground beef fried with carrot), Maduro (fried plantains), tomato (tomato cubes), cebolla (diced raw white onions), chorizo (fried chorizo), and aguacate (avocado).

Hasta luego!

After a delicious colorful lunch, we all play a card game. Angelo loves it and beats all of us with a big smile on his face. What a great way to involve all family members and visitors! Before we leave we are offered bocadillo (a Colombian delicatessen of fresh cheese and guayaba paste (fruit)). About to explode ourselves of the deliciousness and quantities of food we say our goodbyes to the family. Two amazing independent strong young women and little Angelo! It beautiful experience and we will definitely visit our new friends again! Hasta luego!

About the author
Maud travels. Latin America stole her heart. Now, she works and lives in Medellin for a while. Exploring the local culture to the max!

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