Get a taste of the real local life. ResiRest connects locals and travelers all over the world through food. It’s exciting, fun, safe and easy.

This is how it works:


  • We offer you a tasty home lunch or dinner in your favorite country. Visit a real local family at their home and be their dinnerguests! A great opportunity to taste the food and spend time with interesting local people you wouldn’t have met otherwise! Off the beaten tracks you go J Download the free mobile Android App and select where, when and what you want to eat. Enjoy your meal and company!

  • To ensure you have a great experience, we selected the best local cooks. They love to meet new people at their homes, prepare delicious meals and are hospitable in every possible way. We work together with local non-profit organizations and agents. Therefor all the home cooks are reliable. Of course hygiene and clean cooking are important, so we checked it. The cooks use fresh products, like you can see yourself because the food is prepared directly in front of you (or together with you if you like!).

  • If you can spend the time and want to see the origin of the food, some local cooks offer you extended experiences like catching your own fish, visiting a cassava farm, walking a jungle food tour and more. Equal to regular home dining it is always private, fun, no strings attached and about real local people and food of course. To see the availability check our mobile app or get in touch with us.

  • We believe in mutual fair pricing. The traveler pays a fair price and the local cook receives a fair price. You directly support the local people in a safe, easy and fun way. Menu-costs for you as a traveler are low because of the lack of people/organizations trying to make a high profit in the proces. ResiRest is about supporting the locals, and that is what we do!

  • Check the affordable prices in the app. No more costs are added to the price of the menu; tips are not obligatory or necessary (because the income by the homedining is fair to local standards). If you do want to give a tip, consider a thank-you note/postcard, a small present or bring some drinks. And please tell your friends and family about your experience, so your and other local cooks get fully booked as a reward for their effort. This helps the local families in a sustainable way. Thank you!

  • Easy booking at the free mobile app. You can book weeks in front or up to one day before the day you like to “meet and eat”. Just choose which way fits you best. It’s your holiday, please enjoy it as much as possible!


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