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We’re an online travel guide and travel agency all about Cabo Verde “Cape Verde”, a beautiful archipelago, half-way in the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and the Caribbean.

I mean really, think about it: eating at a restaurant that imports food from other countries, or home dining at the beach with your feet in the sand with local ingredients while meeting nice people? This is the true way to eat a traditional cachupa meal.

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Tell me something about Cape Verde!

The islands vary wildly because of microclimates. From tropical to desert-like and volcanic. It’s actually a volcanic archipelago (like Hawaii, except in the Atlantic) and has mountains, beaches and peaceful villages along the coast. Cape Verde is a small cosmos with 10 very different islands. Yet 90% of all tourists never travel beyond the islands of Sal and Boa Vista. Big parts remain undiscovered and pristine. With our website, we show travelers that Cape Verde is more than beaches and resorts, so people from all over can experience the islands in their true authentic beauty.

Cape Verde
Cape Verde People

Tell me something about the people!

The 10 isolated island communities are a unique melting pot of peoples and cultures. This where the Portuguese-Brazilian culture fuses with African influences. The Cape Verdean people are known for their Morebeza-culture. This word is hard to translate but it stands for welcoming, inviting, hospitality, warm and open.

Want to know more about a “Vakantie in Kaapverdië” (holiday in Cape Verde)? Read about it on our website!

Why did we partner up with Resirest?

Because just like us, Resirest supports the locals, while also giving you an amazing experience!

It doesn’t matter where you are on our planet; if you want to understand a foreign place there is a simple shortcut that brings directly to the heart of any culture: go eat with locals. But how do you cross that barrier of getting into contact with locals? This is why we love Resirest; they are that binding element. This is an initiative that gives you a unique authentic experience while simultaneously helping the local people in their independence. This is how tourism can make the difference.

Cape Verdian Dish Cachupa

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