Hello, we’re #Supportthelocals

Support the locals of Cabo Verde is a non-profit organization who stands for equality, equity, sustainability and fair opportunities in economic and tourism development they want to create awareness, to give back and spread the message so there can be left a positive impact on the island.

Little more about us

  • #supportthelocals
  • NGO Partner of ResiRest
  • Cape Verde

The goal of Supportthelocals in Cape Verde

Their goal is to encourage every tourist or investor visiting the Islands to support the locals by shopping, eating, touring or investing locally. Their biggest encouragement of all is to support and stimulate the locals in their small businesses. By creating awareness between the locals and the tourists, a positive turn can be given to the local economy in this way.

Why did we partner up with ResiRest?

ResiRest as a partner is a great example of supporting the locals by having local cooks cooking a home meal for a tourist. It brings the local and the tourist together in a special way, therefore, the best way to know the food of Cabo Verde in all of its form is with local people. Click here for more information about a home dining experience in Cabo Verde.

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