Hello we’re Travel Magical Morocco

We are a non-profit online travel agency. And we’re offering trips in (you would never guess… ;-)) Morocco.

Travel Magical Morocco started in 2015 as a project by Hassan (an official Moroccan guide) and Marjolein (a Dutch IT-contractor). And from the start, our aim is to show people the beautiful and impressive Morocco and the lives of the Moroccan people.

We want to help to establish a mutual understanding and common respect between people of different backgrounds. Something we feel is –especially in this era- very important.

Little more about us

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Tell me something more about Travel Magical Morocco

We from Travel Magical Morocco want to generate income for local Moroccan people. Parts of Morocco; specifically the mountain areas; home of the indegious Amazigh (Berber) people, are very poor. The people working for Travel Magical Morocco are mainly from those regions. They get a fair wage for their work and they are the proudest and hospitable hosts of their beautiful country.

Travel Magical Morocco is an official Dutch Tour Operator now and more and more travelers enjoy traveling with us.

We’re happy and proud to show you the magical and enchanting part of the world called Morocco.


Why did we partner up with Resirest?

Because we fully support Resirest’s goal. What Resirest aims to do by sharing meals is what Travel Magical Morocco aims to do by offering itineraries. So we’re totally compatible. It is a great way of showing more of Morocco and cooperating with ResiRest is fun and inspiring.

Trying to make the world better, together.

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