Hello, we’re Wakibi

We are a non-profit foundation that provides microcredits to entrepreneurs in developing countries through a crowdfunding platform. By providing microcredits, Wakibi not only reduces poverty, it goes hand-in-hand with social improvements; creating a clear positive snowball effect on the environment; health and medical care; education; entrepreneurship; empowerment of women; sustainable economic conditions and mitigating corruption & conflicts.

Little more about us


How does it work?

The platform participants can decide themselves to which projects they want to lend money. They then receive updates on the progress of the project via email. After the loan is repaid, the money may again be provided to another project (it is possible as well to have the money returned). On average, 98.4% of loans are repaid within a year. The 1.6% of loans that are not repaid, is often due to natural disasters or wars. Wakibi receives no interest or organizational funding from the loans and is unique therein. 100% of the loan goes to the project. Wakibi has already helped more than 90.000 businesses with more than one million euros in loans.

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How can I help?

Using a crowdfunding platform for microfinance, Wakibi aims to narrow the gap between the more affluent Netherlands and less privileged developing countries. Transparency, personal communication and effectiveness are key. Furthermore, Wakibi consists only of volunteers. Would you like to be a part of this? With a small amount of 25 euros you can provide a loan to someone in need.  Please visit www.wakibi.nl and see how beneficial it can be!

Why did we partner up with Resirest?

Because Resirest & Wakibi share a mission to connect people to alleviate poverty and stimulate self-reliance.

We celebrate and support people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

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