Privacy/Cookie policy of ResiRest

Your personal details; your privacy and your safety
You can not escape it when you visit a website to order a service or product. You also leave your personal details with us. Sometimes minimal information when a page of our website, sometimes personal data because you arrange a booking with one of our local cooks via our website or via one of our mobile apps. Logical that you want to know why we ask for your data and what we do with it. We give you an answer to that question. If you still have questions after reading, please let us know.

We use the information you leave with us carefully and with respect for your privacy. If someone does not need your data, someone does not have access to them. If someone does need your data, they only receive the data that is sufficient for this, and we demand that someone treat your data just as carefully and use what they are intended for. In this text you can read when and with whom we can share your data.

Your data is yours and for you personally
We often use your data to give you as personal and pleasant an experience as possible. We use your data for different purposes. For example, information about your visit to our website. After this you can see which goals they are.

Your booking of a meeting with a local family
For you we need your name, e-mail address, address (es) and your telephone number. Sometimes also your payment details, but they then run smoothly via our payment provider. With this information we can arrange your booking. Some travel organizations let us arrange these local experiences and give us this information to arrange it for you. In turn, we also provide your information to others if necessary for your booking of a local experience. We will then give your name, e-mail address and telephone number to our country coordinator of the country in which you made a booking, or in which we have arranged a booking for you on behalf of your travel organization. Our local families may know your name and when and how far you come. They also need it to know and we only pass on what they need. In addition, we require our local families and our country coordinators to handle your data carefully and we also monitor that.

Your account
In your account with ResiRest we store the following information: your name, your email address, your telephone number, your possible interest in the email newsletter and your booking history. You only need an account if you want to make a booking. To download our free iOS or Android app you do not need an account with ResiRest, and we will not spam you when you register.

Our service
You can reach us in many ways. you can reach us via the Facebook chat, via Facebook Messenger, and via email. If there is a specific case or question, we will make internal notes of your question and possibly share it internally when needed, or share it with someone from one of our countries when needed. Consider, for example, a question about a food allergy and whether a certain family in a particular country can take this into account. Then we share that question without immediately sharing your personal details. With a possible booking you will appreciate that we will inform the local family that you have a food allergy. This is how we deal with your data. Only if it is important or useful to you, we share it with others. Otherwise not. We can save your question about the nut allergy with your data and it will only be used when it is usefull for you. This information can not be consulted by third parties.

You can sign up on our website for our newsletter. In this way you stay informed of new countries where we roll out our concept, new collaborations and all kinds of other news. We are not going to spam you with newsletters. We send a newsletter every month. If you no longer wish to receive newsletters at a given time, you can easily unsubscribe.

Reviews are important to us, our country coordinators, our families and certainly our travelers. We all love it! We find it cool if you want to write a review, for example on our Facebook. If you leave a review on our Facebook, we can possibly place it on our website. We will leave your review intact and only mention your name, exactly as it is also visible on Facebook.

Actions or contests
If you take part in an action or competition, we will ask you for your name, e-mail address and possibly your telephone number. This way we can select a winner and also reach the winner, perform the action and announce the prize winner (s). We will also ask you if you want to share your experience for us and take pictures or make a movie. We often want to share this with our followers. We will first ask you whether you agree with that.

Fraud or abuse
You, we and our local families are not waiting for fraud or abuse. ResiRest is officially accredited by the ECPAT and endorses 100% of the so-called ‘Code of Conduct’. ‘The Code’ as described in the travel world, provides guidelines on how you as a travel organization can protect minors to the maximum extent of abuse in any form within the travel world. ResiRest will always handle your details very carefully but will handle the rights and interests of minors even more carefully. No one wants fraud or abuse, neither do we. That is why we use customer data to investigate, prevent and prevent fraud and abuse. If it is necessary, we give customer data to the government.

Social media
ResiRest uses social media and you too will be able to use social media to a greater or lesser extent. ResiRest has put so-called Facebook pixels on the website to see if there are many visitors from our Facebook to our website. We do not follow you personally, but we look at whether certain expressions are found more or less interesting. Our Facebook chat and Messenger are open to visitors and also on our Instagram account (@ResiRestofficial) we give visitors the opportunity to ask questions. If you ask us a question and we see that question coming through, we will save that message and your account name so that we can respond to your message.

What don’t we do with you or with your data?
What we will never do is that we sell your data. We will never share your information with others for any other reason than you expect from us; namely taking care of the booking and giving you a beautiful experience with a local family. We also do not show you any other website or prices than anyone else, we will not spam you with e-mails or pop-ups via advertising channels if you have been with us on the website.

Are your data not correct or does something else play?
If your details are incorrect, you want to change your email address or there is something else you want to discuss with us, please contact us. We are ready to help you.

The ResiRest site and cookies, it’s like eating at a local family!

Of course, we want our website to work well on That is why we use cookies. These are cookies with which we personally do not trace you, but only in terms of visitor intensity, which pages of our website need improvement or are experienced as good. So it is only functional what we use them for.