Think Local, Eat Global

Get a taste of the authentic local culture by joining ResiRest and support the locals!

ResiRest is an exciting global travel platform, that connects locals and travelers all over the world through local home dining experiences.
When you are traveling, often travelers wanna discover true local culture on the local way. Supported by our qualified, local agents, we bring you as a traveler to local families. Our local families prepare a traditional meal for you, or together with you, whatever you like!
Enjoy a lovely, unique experience and even more important, support the locals by joining their dinner for a small price. By opening their doors and having dinner together with travelers, ResiRest enables local families to increase their income and social welfare in a reliable and safe way, without making big investments.
ResiRest builds a bridge between travelers and locals, by offering an exciting, fun and user-friendly global travel platform, supported by qualified local agents.

What You Get With ResiRest

The Best Food In Town

The families love to meet new people at their homes, prepare delicious meals and are hospitable in every possible way. Taste food you never tried before.

Global Tourism

Fair trade to contribute to local families. The traveler pays a fair price and the local cook receives a fair price. You directly support the local people in a safe, easy and fun way

Friends Forever

You come as a guest and go as a friend. From Bolivia to Vietnam and from Uganda to Macedonia, the local families have open doors for you.

Where are you waiting for.....?

Our Mission

Our mission is to give an impulse to fair tourism by connecting local families and travelers through food on a fairtrade and user-friendly booking- and payments platform, were ngo’s are our key-partners, and travelers & local families are our key-clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is that tourism will change from ‘far-tourism’ into ‘fair-tourism’ and from ‘selfie-tourism’ into an intercultural experience with local families. ResiRest uses food as a transaction-based key to authentic and honest connections with other people worldwide.

How it all started

Exploring Jamaica by bike with a couple of friends in the eighties, Geert discovered the fun and importance of meeting local people to really understand a country. In every next trip, he tried to do so. Enjoying company of many people along the way, eat where they eat and sleep where they sleep.

But in today’s world where traveling is getting much easier with low-cost tickets, increasing commercial tours, and large travel companies, it seems harder and harder to meet the real local people. Seeing the urgency of better travel options, he took the opportunity to work on a change.

Geerts’ job is to connect non profit- and social organizations and build bridges between people and cultures. By his enthusiasm and because of the benefits of the ResiRest concept, ResiRest quickly expanded to a global network. Local non-profits all over the world & ResiRest have build a reliable team of local home cooks, that keeps expanding every day. And so Geert and his team keep working on improving sustainable, fair tourism by homedining.

Of course Geert still travels a lot. Mostly together with his family now. Recently visited countries: Thailand, Cuba, France and Morocco. All a great inspiration for developing ResiRest. And he will still travel to find new experiences. 


Experiences with ResiRest: