South Africa


Welcome to South Africa! One of the top destinations in Africa, because of some mayor highlights. For example, the wilderness at Krugers’ National Parc and the streets of Johannesburg. Great history and panoramic views. Traveling in South Africa means an interesting journey in every way!


Culture of South Africa

Image of Nelson Mandela
Image of Nelson Mandela

Many cities are worth a visit. Like Durban and Port Elizabeth, both known for it’s large harbour. Johannesburg is the most famous city. A blooming place with lots to discover. Yet, it’s not the capital of South Africa. Actually, there are three capitals: Pretoria, Kaapstad, and Bloemfontein. The names of the cities remind you of the colonial past of the country.

In the recent history of South Africa, Nelson Mandela is a prominent person. It’s interesting to follow some of his footsteps. You can explore the way he was emprisoned at Robben Island. Or, visit his hometown Qunu. This is also the place where he’s burried. Exploring the life of Nelson Mandela offers you a way to get knowledge of the Sout African struggle to overcome the apartheid.


South African wine yards at Westkaap
South African vineyard at Westkaap

Food of South Africa

Well, if we talk about food, we have to mention wine first! Because, South African wines are famous. There are many areas where grapes grow and wine gets produced. You can admire the beautiful scenery, and get a taste in one of many vineyards that are open for a visit. The soil and the sun give an excellent taste to the wine.

And then, of course, the food. What would you like to eat with your wine? Perhaps try some food from the traditional “Skottelbraai”. This is like a barbecue, yet in South African style. Or, try a meal that is known as one of Nelson Mandela’s favorite dishes: Umgqusho. It consist of samp and beans, and many other ingredients. The exact content depends of the chef, since every family has their own recipe to cook this dish.


ResiRest in South Africa

Noxolo welcomes you at her house
Noxolo welcomes you at her house

We are proud to add South African families to the global ResiRest family. And what place better to start than at Mthatha, very close to Qunu where Nelson Mandela lived many years. Noxolo is ready to welcome you at her house. She will overwhelm you with lovely food, mainly grown in her own garden. And, you will learn much about South African culture during your visit! 

Together with our travel partners Fair Mundo Travel and Suid Afrika Reise we aim to support local people. By joining ResiRest, they can earn a fair income. If you like to support a local family in a fun & foodie way, please book a meal at the ResiRest app.