When one thinks of Bali, an idyllic tropical paradise filled with serene beaches, lush landscapes, and ornate temples often comes to mind. Dig deeper, and you will uncover another facet of this Indonesian gem – a rich and diverse culinary scene that deserves a place on every food lover’s map. To get a taste of the real local food & culture of the island, we invite you to take part in a unique culinary experience with our “Help Me Cooking-XL” experience. An experience that more than doubles the time, the pleasure, and the adventure of joining a Balinese family by preparing the delicious food of this isle. Help Me Cooking-XL as a passport to an immersive cooking journey.

A Unique Twist on the Traditional Cooking Class

“Help Me Cooking-XL” is more than a tourist Cooking Class. It’s a celebration of Balinese cuisine in an interactive, hands-on setting. You become a part of the process, not just an observer. Instead of replicating dishes under an instructor’s eye, you actively participate in the culinary process from start to finish at a real local family.

We start at the beginning – the market. Rub shoulders with locals as you navigate bustling food markets, learning to select the freshest herbs, spices, vegetables, and proteins for your dishes. Feel the textures, inhale the aromas. Gain insight into the island’s food culture.

Step into the warmth of a local kitchen and immerse yourself in the cooking process. “Help Me Cooking-XL” is all about the hands-on experience – you’ll be grinding spices, grilling meats, and assembling traditional Balinese dishes together with Balinese families.

Authentic Bali: Tasting the Local Flavor

Your “Help Me Cooking-XL” adventure introduces you to Balinese cuisine. Prepare and savor traditional dishes like ‘Babi Guling’ (suckling pig), ‘Lawar’ (a mix of vegetables, coconut, and minced meat), and ‘Bebek Betutu’ (spiced duck wrapped in banana leaves and slow-cooked). Learn to make ‘Sambal’, the quintessential Indonesian chili sauce that accompanies most meals.

What sets “Help Me Cooking-XL” apart is the focus on understanding. You learn how to cook these dishes, and you delve into the stories behind them – the cultural significance, the traditional cooking methods, and the unique Balinese spices that give each dish its distinct flavor.

Ending the Day on a High Note

Your culinary journey concludes with the best part: sitting down to enjoy the feast you’ve helped prepare. Sharing a meal with new friends. You’ll appreciate the depth and complexity of Balinese cuisine and how it mirrors the island’s rich culture and history.

“Help Me Cooking-XL” connects you to the heart of Bali – its people, its culture, and its cuisine. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or an eager beginner in the kitchen, this immersive, hands-on culinary adventure offers a taste of Bali you won’t find anywhere else. So join us, roll up your sleeves, and let Bali’s flavors inspire your culinary journey.