As a tour operator, one of your key missions is to deliver experiences that connect travelers with the essence of the places they visit. In our globalized world, there’s a growing demand for cultural immersion. Food, as we all know, is a universal language that binds us together. Food with a local family not connected to ‘tourism’ on a day-to-day basis, brings this taste of real local culture in many ways.

That’s where ResiRest steps in. Our innovative concept allows you to upgrade your tour packages with “the need for real” local dining experiences. We offer your travelers an opportunity to share a meal with a local family in more than 40 countries worldwide, enhancing their travel experience while directly supporting local communities.

What is ResiRest?

Founded in 2016, ResiRest is a Dutch-registered social enterprise committed to promoting fair tourism and cultural exchange. We connect tourists with local families, offering them the chance to share an authentic meal together. We partner with local nonprofit organizations to reach out to local families outside the travel-bubble, while ensuring a safe, comfortable, and memorable dining experience for both parties.

This social food experience not only offers travelers an understanding of the local culture and cuisine. It also helps economic empowerment of local families.

How Can ResiRest Enhance Your Tour Packages?

1. Authentic Local Experiences: ResiRest provides your customers with an opportunity to experience local family life. Breaking bread with a local family, they will be introduced to authentic home-cooked meals, traditions, and customs of the region they’re visiting. These dining experiences offer an intimate perspective of the country that regular sightseeing tours cannot provide.

2. Sustainability and Social Impact: Today’s travelers are more conscious about the impact of their actions. By including ResiRest experiences in your tour packages, you are contributing to the sustainable development of communities. This will appeal to the growing number of travelers who prefer businesses that value sustainability and social responsibility.

3. Customizable and Easy Integration: ResiRest experiences are consistent, however flexible, and easy to integrate into travel plans. We offer a range of booking options, including an API that can connect your software system with ours, making it easier to manage and customize according to your needs.

4. Positive Reviews and Word of Mouth: The unique experiences your customers have with ResiRest will lead to positive reviews, attracting more potential customers to your tours.

Partnering with ResiRest

Adding ResiRest to your tour packages will enhance the traveler’s experience. It promotes sustainable and fair tourism. It’s a win-win solution that adds unique value to your tours and contributes positively to the world we live in.

Partnering with us is straightforward. We are ready to assist you, ensuring seamless integration of our dining experiences into your tour packages.

Join us in our mission to make travel more authentic, impactful, and fair. Stand out from the crowd, and add value to your tour packages. Let’s change ‘far-tourism’ into ‘fair-tourism’ together with ResiRest!