We like to experience a city, region, or country through the eyes of a local. So, after spending a morning wandering in Fes, we meet up with Sahar. She moved from Marrakesh to Fes a couple of months ago. Her new house is in the center of the medina. Today, we will have lunch together. And we are curious how that will be like.

Sahar’s house in Fes

The house of Sahar and her husband is called a Dar. A traditional Moroccan house of four stages. The stages go from a large kitchen area in the basement all way up to a rooftop terrace. Decorations and ornaments are present everywhere. The colorful pattern on the tiles and in the windows create a beautiful and distinct Moroccan atmosphere. Immediately, we feel at home in this house.

First, we drink some tea in the living room. It’s typical Moroccan to serve your guest’s tea. Later on, we go downstairs and into the kitchen. It smells delicious. Sahar started cooking early, and the flavors of a tagine on the stove tickle our noses. The food needs only a final touch. We watch Sahar preparing a salad and adding a sauce to the falafel. The light is only coming from above and gives all a cozy impression.

Eating with locals

We have been eating at locals before, for example in India. Mayor difference today is that Sahar and her husband take place at the table too. So, eating at locals becomes eating with locals, which we find more pleasant. During lunch, we talk about Marrakesh and the way it changes by tourism. Unlike Fes, which remains more authentic.

Unfortunately, the restaurants in Fes adjust the food to western standards. Opposite to the way Sahar cooks. The food has a delicious flavor from many spices, and Sahar uses pure and fresh products. Veggie-cooking is the specialty of Sahar. There are 6 (!!!) dishes on the table. Needless to say, we don’t miss out on the meat at all.

Time to go

After a few hours, we think it’s time to go. But Sahar doesn’t let us go yet. There’s a dessert waiting for us. My two girls love this pink treat. We would love to see the sunset from Borj Nord. Sahar insists on walking us through the medina, showing us the best way in the small streets. She tells us, she loves the city. We can imagine that! We ourselves have a wonderful feeling about Fes now we’ve seen it through Sahar’s eyes during this special meeting.

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