We are thrilled to announce that Geert Kroos, founder and CEO of Resirest, will be attending the inaugural WTACH Global Leaders’ Summit (WTACH GLS23) taking place on the 24th and 25th of September, 2023, in Valencia, Spain. This significant event is organized by the World Tourism Association for Culture and Heritage (W.T.A.C.H.), the only global organization dedicated to examining how tourism impacts both the environment and people in terms of sustainability.

The WTACH GLS23 is far more than an event where industry leaders gather to receive information. Instead, it stands as a working meeting where impactful dialogues will take place to devise solutions. This event is succinct and issue-focused, with a specific agenda designed to yield measurable results. The progress made during the summit will be presented at future summits, holding all participants accountable for their contribution to these vital goals.

W.T.A.C.H.’s mission aligns closely with that of Resirest, creating a synergy of efforts that truly has the power to effect change. By focusing on creating sustainable livelihoods through Cultural Heritage Tourism balanced by preservation and impact management of the environment, the organization is echoing the core principles of Resirest’s vision for fair tourism.

Geert Kroos is recognized for his passion for connecting people across cultures through shared food experiences. His mission to build a global network of local families and travelers, aiming to develop sustainable, fair tourism, has led Resirest to rapid expansion. At the summit, Kroos will be sharing his unique insights and expertise, helping to shape the future of cultural tourism and its impact on local communities living within and around global heritage sites.

The summit will concentrate on key areas including steering tourism dollars into small businesses and communities, capacity and skill-building to create inter-generational businesses, and supporting traditional and hyper-local experiences. This focus aligns perfectly with Resirest’s mission to support local communities through fair tourism.

As W.T.A.C.H. calls upon leaders to effect change within their organizations and the world, Geert Kroos and Resirest are primed and ready to join the discussion. Their shared vision of empowering local communities through sustainable and respectful tourism makes Kroos’ presence at the WTACH GLS23 both essential and promising.

Stay tuned for further updates about Geert’s participation at the summit and the insights he brings back. Resirest continues to work towards its mission, making a change from ‘far-tourism’ into ‘fair-tourism’, and connecting people worldwide through food.