As the world is open after the pandemic for more than a year. Sri Lanka suffered a situation that is almost too sad to be true. Finally, this beautiful island with its wonderful people has experienced significant stabilization of conditions for the local population, which means that tourists can now safely visit and experience the rich culture and cuisine of this beautiful country. By joining a Sri Lankan family for an authentic lunch or dinner, visitors can contribute to the local community and immerse themselves in the unique culture of Sri Lanka, away from the typical tourist attractions. When travelers participate in sustainable tourism practices, they are helping to support the local economy and ensure that the benefits of tourism are spread throughout the community. By choosing to lunch or dine with a local family, travelers are directly contributing to the livelihoods of the people they are visiting. Joining a local family for a meal means that visitors can not only experience authentic Sri Lankan cuisine but also learn more about the customs, traditions, and way of life of the people who call Sri Lanka home. This exchange of ideas and traditions can create lasting connections and memories for both the visitors and the local hosts. As a tour operator, you have the opportunity to promote in-depth experiences in Sri Lanka. By offering unique experiences like dining with a local family, you can attract travelers who are also looking for fulfillment from their vacations which, at the same time, brings a boost to the local economy. In conclusion, Sri Lanka is now completely back and welcoming travelers, and by joining a local family for a meal, visitors can support the local community and immerse themselves in the unique culture of this beautiful country.